Can’t Sleep? You Need a FitBit. Seriously.

by ljmlevine on July 23, 2014

I requested a FitBit for my birthday, mostly because I work from home and was concerned that I’m sitting in front of a computer for too long every day. I knew the FitBit would help track my steps and give me a better sense about just how active (or not) I really am during the work day. My parents got me the FitBit Flex, and it looks like this:



*Sidenote: I’m trapped at the Charlotte airport with a flight that’s delayed for two hours for essentially no reason, so that’s the lovely carpet you see*

For some reason it took me three months to actually getting around to setting this little guy up, but I did it yesterday and have quickly become obsessed. First of all, the setup was really easy. Secondly, if you tap the FitBit twice like a secret agent trying to talk to another secret agent, different lights flash. The lights show you how close you are to getting to your goal (which initially is 10,000 steps per day). It’s pretty neat to watch as the bar fills up with lights as you walk more and more during the day. It’s easy to over or underestimate how much we move as we go about our days, so having this little thing on your wrist counting is helpful.

You can also go to the FitBit website and get a pretty in-depth look about your physical activity levels each day. It’ll show you how many calories you burned, how many minutes you spent being highly active, how many steps you took, etc.

But while all this was helpful, there’s another component to the FitBit Flex that I actually think is even more useful. The device can track your sleep patterns. You set it to sleep mode before you nod off, and when you wake up it tells you how long you actually slept, how many minutes you spent awake during the night, and how many minutes you were restless.

I’m a notoriously bad sleeper. I toss and turn all night or I can’t fall asleep or I have a hard time waking up or I wake up not feeling fully rested. Now keep in mind that I’ve only had one full night to track my sleep, but it was really cool to log on to the FitBit site the next morning and see stats about how I slept. I couldn’t figure out why I felt groggy when I woke up from what I thought was a long, deep sleep. In reality, I slept 7 hours and was restless frequently throughout the night. Ding ding ding! Explains why I’m tired. I’m pretty excited to use my Flex over the next few weeks and months to get a better sense of how I’m sleeping, and hopefully alter a few things so I can sleep better.

If you’re looking to get healthier or sleep better, I’d definitely recommend the FitBit Flex. I was a little worried I’d feel goofy wearing this thing on my wrist all the time, but the color’s cute and I don’t think it looks ridiculous at all.

Do you have a FitBit? What do you think? Let me know in the comments! 


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