I’ve been quick to criticize Kim Kardashian in the past (with good reason), but I’m definitely back on Team KK these days. I love Kim and Kanye together. They’re obnoxious, they’re over-the-top, but they’re the real deal. Recently I caught a clip of Kim talking with Andy Cohen on Bravo about her brother, Rob, and it made me like her even more. We’ve all seen/read about Rob’s significant weight gain, how he floats through life without really having a career path, how he left her wedding because he wasn’t feeling confident, and his other problems. Basically, he needs to get it together. During the show, one of the viewers asked Kim why she seems to lack empathy for her brother. You can watch the clip here, but she said:

“If I don’t like something that’s going on in my life, I change it. I don’t sit and complain for a year. I try to encourage him, but once you don’t make that change for so long and it’s not happening, I get frustrated and my patience runs out.”

Khloe Kardashian Odom Celebrates Her Birthday At Chateau Nightclub And Gardens At Paris Las VegasSay what you want about Kim, but I totally respect this point of view. One of the most attractive qualities in a person, male or female, is the ability to have a vision and to go after that vision. It’s so easy to talk and talk, or to wait for “better timing” or “the right opportunity.” It’s easy to complain about bad luck or an unfortunate situation. It’s badass to take the hand you’re dealt and do something with it. 

It’s hard to support the people you care about as they stagnate. At some point it becomes infuriating. You want better for them, you know they can do more for themselves, but you can’t physically force them to go out and get it done. I’ve been in both the Kim and Rob positions, so I can see it from both angles.

If you’re in the Rob position: Think about what you really, truly want. Not what other people want for you or what you should want at this point in your life or what other people are doing. Even if it’s just something that would make you happier than you are in this moment, that works too.
Any sort of step is important in order to get you the momentum you need to make a change. 

When you’re Kimming it for someone you love, realize that at some point you have to remove yourself from the situation. You can lend your support and love, but it’s not up to you to fix or find solutions for the person’s problems. If they ask for your help, give it, but don’t continue to offer it unsolicited. Once you take a step back, you’ll feel a huge sense of relief and can be a more positive (yet passive) force in that person’s life.

How do you feel about the Kim/Rob dynamic? 


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