Dayquil Haze

I am on Day 3 of fighting some awful, terrible, flu-like virus. I’m telling you, this thing is mean. If any part of this post doesn’t make sense, it’s because I’m relying on Dayquil to take away the headache, body ache, sore throat, disgusting smoker’s cough and other symptoms which have taken over my body. I just took a shower for the first time in literally 3 days, which is good because I was beginning to have worse hygiene than my parents’ dog, who eats his own poo.

He is pretty cute though, right?

Due to extreme nausea and massive amounts of sleeping, I’ve barely eaten over these last few days. Already I can tell that I’m beginning to look like Kate Moss. Possibly a slight dramatization, but still. I feel as if I’m withering away to nothingness.  You know I’m really sick when my boyfriend offers to pick up my favorite pizza (Hawaiian) and I pass. I wouldn’t even feel guilty about eating the whole thing since I’ve barely eaten for 3 days due to this monstrosity of an illness, but I just can’t bring myself to ingest greasy food right now.

Instead of going to the Saint Patty’s Day Parade (which is one of the highlights of the year in my city), I sat and watched it on television. Let me tell you, it’s not nearly as fascinating watching the Royal Order of the Bagpipers (or whoever they were) on TV as it is seeing them in person. This was a poorly timed illness, to say the least. I think I shall make the bf pick me up a Shamrock Shake so my germs and I can celebrate the holiday in our own way, from the comfort of our own cesspool/apartment.

Minty deliciousness. Cures any illness.
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