Happy St. Patrick's Day

Since I’m 1/4 Irish, I take St. Patrick’s Day very seriously. However, I found that the holiday is not nearly as fun when you’re working full time. Instead of posting up at the bar like I did in college, I was at my desk continuing with business as usual. During lunch, my mother and I decided to take a stroll through downtown to laugh at the drunkards who were celebrating the holiday and to grab a sandwich. We stopped at one of our favorite sandwich places where I got a corned beef sandwich. She, apparently, was not embracing her minimal Irish heritage because she got a BLT.

After lunch, we continued our stroll around part of the (small) city, stopping for a coffee. It was fun to see so many people in green, many of them drunkenly milling about outside the bars. It probably says something about the unemployment rate in my city, but I’d prefer to look on the bright side and say that they just chose to celebrate the holiday in a big way. Also, it was a gorgeous, spring-like day and we haven’t had one of those since (basically) August so the whole city felt giddy.

Overall, my first St. Patrick’s day as a working woman was a success. Hope you’re all enjoying the day, sober or not. I leave you with this quote I just discovered on Twitter…

“If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, you’re lucky enough.”

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