The Search for the Perfect Scent

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been wearing Polo Ralph Lauren Blue. It’s a gorgeous, feminine, floral scent and I adore it. However, they recently stopped selling it in stores. Tragic. I’d been thinking about buying a new scent for a while, but I took the fact that I had to pay 12 bucks in shipping/handling as a sign that it was time to find a new signature fragrance. I bought my last bottle online and am now on a hunt to find my new perfume.

I’m very particular about perfume. If I’m going to wear a scent every day I don’t want to smell like grandmas or cotton candy or Jessica Simpson. Kim Kardashian, maybe. A scent really has to have something special to catch my attention. It also has to stay on my skin for a while.  I LOVE J’adore Dior but the scent evaporates off my skin in an hour or so, so it doesn’t work. I’ve been googling up a storm to find the best loved and most purchased fragrances of last year and this year (so far). Then I’m going to go to the mall and smell two of them at a time. If you smell too many your noise gets polluted and creates a super-scent that doesn’t actually exist. For instance, I smelled a bunch of perfumes and then smelled Daisy by Marc  Jacobs. I was convinced that was my new scent, but then when I went back the next day I realized it smelled like cucumbers. Just plain cucumbers. So that was a no.

Am I insane for creating such a well-thought out plan for finding my new perfume? Probably. Here are the scents I want to test out: Calvin Klein Euphoria, Armani Code, Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, Calvin Klein Beauty, DKNY Pure. I’m excited to find a new scent. Getting a new perfume is like getting a new, dramatic haircut. It can spice up your routine and add some excitement.

The search isn’t as urgent now that I have another bottle of Polo Ralph Lauren Blue that will last me a while, but then again the search could take a while. Any beauty junkies out there have suggestions for me?

My new scent. Looking for a new one. Any suggestions?
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