Don't Call it A Comeback

Let me start by saying I will love Britney Spears until the die I day. I met her when she played a concert in my hometown right after she had  released the “Baby One More Time” album.  I was roughly 8 and she was roughly 17. My love has been eternal ever since that day. As we all know, Britney has been through many highs and lows, and has managed to come back time and time again. She has grown up in the spotlight and that’s certainly not easy.  This post will not discuss the many achievements of Britney, because there have been so many.

After Britney’s meltdown  (example below) many of us worried she would never be the same. In fact, people even questioned whether she would live another five years. But, in true Britney form, girlfriend pulled it together for herself and her adorable babies.

However it can be argued that after the head-shaving, baby-on-lap-while-driving phase, Britney never quite returned to this:

Because of these highs and lows, every time Britney takes the stage people watch with bated breath. Now let’s discuss her performance on “Good Morning America” today.

This performance was not all bad, not at all. There were parts of it that made me really happy.  She looked beautiful and more importantly she looked happy. When she first started doing these “comeback” performances/music videos, she looked dead in the eyes. She was singing and walking/flopping around the stage, but  you could tell she was not there mentally.  Today she looked alive. Her hair looked amazing (very Erin Andrews. Blonde with big curls) and her body looked toned.  No awkward bra/panties outfits with average-looking stomach hanging out like we saw during previous comeback attempts. Here is a reminder of that if you need one:

Today, her outfits were sexy and fun. The other thing I loved about today was that she addressed the audience and expressed genuine joy about performing for them. When I saw her two years ago during her “Circus” tour she came out, lip synced the entire show (as was expected), and said maybe three words the entire time. You could tell she was performing because she had to. Today she was performing because she wanted to. That is a huge improvement.

With that said, I’m not sure why people are raving about how “Britney is back.”  The dancing was still atrocious and nowhere near what she’s capable of/famous for. At the height of her career, I would say she was one of the best dancers in the world. She KILLED it. Today, as I said to my friend, it looked as if she had been in a deep sleep and suddenly someone woke her up and forced her to start dancing. She was sluggish, her moves lacked power, and she seemed tired. Her entire body looked like she was moving through quicksand. You could almost see her counting in her head. Her performance was greatly improved from some of the messes we’ve seen in the past, but to me this did not scream “triumphant return.”

With this performance came the announcement that she would be touring this summer with Enrique Iglesias.  Just a few minutes ago, began reporting that E.I. backed out of the tour. Britney is still a go though. It’ll be interesting to see what this tour brings. More fan interaction? More life/personality from Brit? I bet yes, based on what I saw today. Better dancing? Still going to say no, again based on today’s showing.

I write this review from a place of love. I LOVE Britney and will always cheer for her, but I know this is not the best she can be. I’m hoping Brit will continue to work to get her power back in her dancing. She may be known as a “pop singer” but I’ve always found most of the appeal in her insane dance moves. Come on, Brit Brit! Get Wade Robson back and get it DONE!

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  1. I’m always pretty happy for celebrities that seem to live a pretty normal life. I think unless you were born in the spotlight it has to be pretty near impossible to not get a little messed up by all the fame.

    • Agreed. It’s probably even harder for people like Britney who basically grew up in front of America. I did embarrassing things in high school/early college and I can’t imagine having the whole country/world watching while I did that stuff. I would love to see her make a full pop star comeback (like I wrote about) but it definitely makes me happy to see her enjoying time with her boys.

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