The New Kardashians

After much debate, I have finally done what feels right and tried to get my family on a reality show. Here’s how it began…I was looking for something on Google one day when I came across a production company that is looking to film a reality show based around families that own their own businesses. BINGO! My dad started this business and now my mom, my boyfriend AND I work in the business with him. This show was essentially made for us.

I had to write a little description of each “character” and a description of the business. I also had to send in some pictures of all of us. I obviously submitted the best pictures of myself that I could find. I can be cast as the good-looking, good-natured one, like Kim. I’m an only child so I don’t really have a Khloe or Kourtney, but I am sure I could take on those roles too.

Anyway, I did a little write-up about my family and our business and why we would make for some great TV. I added a few flourishes in there to make us seem nice and dramatic, and away the e-mail went.  All of this happened roughly three weeks ago and I have yet to receive one call or e-mail from a producer. I am actually ( no sarcasm) surprised. We would be the perfect TV family, and our business is conducive to cameras. We have a lot of characters in my office. What could possibly be preventing them from filming us? I have two theories

Theory 1: They are no longer going to produce the show. This is the most likely theory. Why else would they pass up such a great TV family? We are the new Kardashians and much less overexposed too.

Theory 2: My mother sabotaged us. This is also highly likely. My father was pumped about the possibility of being on TV because he is kind of a fame whore (in a good way), like me. My boyfriend, C,  was neutral about the issue but has a good sense of humor and usually trusts me, so he went along with the whole idea.  But my mother was a different story. I came skipping into her office, giddy with excitement about finally being able to afford hair extensions like Kim Kardashian (my hair is naturally super flat and pin-straight and could use body/curl) and told her we were probably going to end up with our own reality show. She looked horrified.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she said.

I then went on to tell her all of the reasons why a reality show would be a superb idea. She was still not buying it. She went on and on about how reality shows are trashy and she values her privacy, etc. She ended by saying, “Okay, I have actual work to do…so…”

“So?” I ask, waiting for her to give me the stamp of approval about the reality gig.

“So, go back to your office.”

Because of this interaction and the fact that my mom is an insanely good Googler/Facebook stalker, I’m convinced that she found the production company and called them to tell them that we were no longer interested in being the new Kardashians.

I am still holding out hope, though. And when they do call, I will be ready. I just hope they don’t call wanting to film sometime in the next two days because I have a feeling I’m getting a zit. That is not how I want to make my national debut.

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