A Blind (Double) Date

Today C and I were coming back from grabbing some dinner when we ran into our across-the-hall neighbor. He seems really nice. We’ve talked to him once or twice since we’ve moved in. He’s two years younger than us and lives with his mom and two roommates. We also met his adorable dog. That’s as much as I know about him. So we were chatting with him for a little bit when all of a sudden he says, “My girlfriend and I were wondering if you guys wanted to get dinner sometime so we could get to know you better.”

I am on a serious search for female friends, so I was all about this. I was trying to gauge C’s reaction. C seemed into it. We both agreed. The neighbor said, “Okay, great. We get out of work at 8 so we’ll go sometime after that. We’ll come knock on your door.”

Wasn’t really expecting to go TOMORROW, but we couldn’t say no at that point. Besides, we have nothing going on tomorrow. But as soon as we had agreed to this, I started to think about some things:

A.) We actually know nothing about this guy. Literally nothing. I know that he has a loud car with an intense stereo system, and he enjoys playing loud music. I know he has a job, which is a huge improvement from our last neighbors. I know that when we were moving in he offered to help us with our boxes. That was very considerate.  However we also know even less about his girlfriend. I’ve never even see her before. And based on that we’ve committed to going to DINNER with them. Not just grabbing a drink, but a full-on, takes-a-while DINNER. Was that stupid or brave? Let’s go with brave… How else are you supposed to make new friends in post-college life?

B.) What will we talk to these people about? Again, we literally know NOTHING about them. This is a completely blind date. We know they have jobs, but we don’t know what they do. What if his girlfriend is a stripper? It’s not totally out of the realm of possibility. Strippers have homes and boyfriends too. Strippers go out to dinner.  What if we go to a sit-down dinner at  a restaurant, and we’re fully committed to this, and then we find out she is a stripper and he is in an equally uncomfortable profession? Make some jokes? Ask her what music she’s currently dancing to? Everyone likes to talk about music, right? Music unites all people.

C.) What if they bring a lot of weird friends and then we’re stuck at an awkward dinner/party type event?

Let me just stop here and say that I’m an extremely paranoid person. I am always prepared to walk out of my door and immediately get attacked by a crazed serial rapist. I’m not saying this to be funny. I’m being serious. I carry pepper spray and a rape whistle with me at all times. I don’t like to put myself in situations where there is the potential for danger.  So of course, in my paranoid mind, the only way this can end is with C and I getting chopped up and stored in this guy’s apartment. I expressed this concern to C, and he seemed to feel that I’m being unreasonable. Probably fair. Probably the worst that can happen is that we will have an extremely uncomfortable, lengthy dinner. And, on the bright (and hopefully likely) side, maybe we will make two new friends. That would be great. We could definitely use some more people to hang out with. Also, this apartment is not like our last apartment. People don’t drive around in Jeeps with their lights off here. People don’t let their 10-year-olds run wild. These people have morals and standards and jobs. Clearly, then, our across-the-hall-neighbor must be a decent person, right?

I don’t know if this dinner is actually going to happen, or if it does happen how it will go. But…that’s the deal. Any thoughts?

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