Ain't It Strange How the Night Moves?

C and I just got back from the Bob Seger concert. A great time was had by all. What I really want to do is upload this amazing video I took so I can post it on here. The problem is, my computer belongs in the Smithsonian and is having some troubles performing this simple task. I should be getting a new one within a week or so and I can’t wait. This is just getting out of control.

Anyway, the Segs was great overall. His voice still sounded amazing. I was probably wrong to compare him to Bruce. He sounds like him, but is a lot different than Bruce live. He doesn’t ooze sex appeal like The Boss (few do) and he doesn’t dance and slide around and generally rock as hard as The Boss (again few do). Bobby takes the (as C so eloquently put it) “Jolly Old Man approach.” He has a full white beard and a big gut and was rocking a black tank top HARD. He also had two sweatbands which he alternated throughout the show. A great accessory makes the outfit, and I’m glad Bob knows this. Mr. Seger had some funny dance moves, which mostly involved kicking his feet around and moving his arms in a way that was reminiscent of mothers at bar mitzvahs/weddings. I’m not hating on Bob in any way, because dude can sing. And play guitar. And play piano. He also had a ton of energy and was great with the crowd.

He played all of his hits EXCEPT “Like a Rock” (made famous by the truck commercial) which was a slight tragedy. But he did such an amazing version of “Night Moves” that I almost didn’t care. The middle part of his show was a little boring, because he decided to “dust off” (his words) some of his older tunes that C and I didn’t really know. Some of them were slow ballads, so we were almost lulled to sleep for a while. Then, towards the end, he went back to the old favorites, and life was good.

As predicted, we were definitely the youngest people there. The crowd was pretty hilarious. Lots of Harley and Jack Daniels shirts. We also saw a woman (who was old enough to be my mother) rocking pink clip-in hair extensions and a pink sequined tank top that I think I had to wear in a second-grade dance recital. I counted several pairs of leather chaps, many pairs of Daisy Dukes, lots of hair that was long enough to reach the floor, and dozens of leather jackets. I wanted so desperately to take pictures of these people, but I didn’t want to force C to get into a physical altercation to defend my honor.

Then came the best part of our evening. Someone’s mom was literally LOSING HER DAMN MIND in front of us throughout the entire show. I NEED to get this video online to show you guys. In between songs she would alternate between going ” BOBBB” and just screaming ” GAHHHHH” with excitement. Look, I can’t hate because that’s exactly what I did when I saw Britney in concert a few years ago but…I’m a lot younger. And it’s Britney. During the songs she would thrash her head around, flail her arms (almost hitting us in the face) and then do sign language-type motions along with the words. For example, if Bob sang about turning the page she would then mime turning a page in a book. She also loved to dry hump the air, which was disturbing because she was definitely in her 60s. Oh, and did I mention she was wearing low-rise jeans? Yeah, she was. Once you have hit menopause you are absolutely still a valuable member of society, but you should NOT be dry humping the air. Anywhere. No matter what. Especially not in low-rise jeans.

Chippewa Street in Buffalo

After the concert, we met one of my best friends from high school at one of the bars on Chippewa Street. I couldn’t believe how many different bars were on that one street. It was awesome. There were tons of young people too, not like in our city where you go out and are surrounded by 30-40 year olds who are drunker than you. I definitely loved Buffalo. Great downtown area, free subway/train thing, a crappy football team and Wegmans. It doesn’t get any better. I was having a grand ole time at this bar until some a-hole starts waving his hands all over and knocked my just-bought vodka and Red Bull (it’s bad for you, I know but…I was tired) out of my hand and literally ALL over my purse, chest, and best friend. He looks at me and says, “Sorry I didn’t know you were walking by” then continues to grope whoever he was with. At least offer to buy me another one. And don’t blame it on me, Crazy Hands McGee. After that incident, I was ready to go. I was soaked and sticky, and tired. We had been at the bar for a while, so I felt like I had gotten to experience downtown Buffalo.

We came back today, and now C is watching Tiger Woods/Celtics vs. Heat. He doesn’t know it yet, but he will soon be watching KHLOE AND LAMAR! YES! Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Can't wait for their show


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