Lauren Lauren Bang Bang*

*The title of this post is a tribute to one of my favorite people: Chelsea Handler. If you haven’t read her book “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang” do it now. She is hilarious.

Spring has finally sprung, and life is good. The nice weather always makes me crave a hair makeover.  Last time I saw my hair dresser, we discussed taking the plunge and getting me some blunt, straight-across bangs. I said I’d think about it for next time. Well, “next time”  happens to be next Friday. I’m on the fence about these bangs. I really, REALLY want them. I love the way they look on various celebs like Olivia Wilde (but she would look good with a mullet…)

Olivias bangs look AMAZING

When I see pictures of bangs that look this good, I feel like I should go ahead and do it. But then I think about the fact that, unfortunately, I am not Olivia Wilde. Therefore I need to consider whether these bangs would work for me. My hair is SO unruly. I have two cowlicks and my hair naturally grows forward. This means is that side-swept bangs are out of the question. When I try to just have a normal side part the hair wants to pull forward and fall into my face, giving me a lovely Cousin It appearance. Yeah, I can tuck it behind my ears but that’s boring. I also have very fine hair so it lacks volume. Basically, my hair has problems and leaves me with few style options. I think these bangs may be the solution to those problems.

Reasons Why I Think I Could ROCK These Blunt Bangs

1.) I have an oval shaped face and they would work with my face shape

2.) The fact that my hair wants to fall forward naturally would make the bangs lay well

3.) I have a high forehead, so it wouldn’t make my face look really short/fat

4.) My hairdresser told me it would work, so I believe her

Reasons Why I Fear These Bangs:

1.) My cowlick could make them crooked and uneven (this used to happen the last time I had bangs…circa 1999)

2.) I could get annoyed with constantly having to go in for trims

3.) When I want to to grow them out I have to go through that awkward stage full of hair clips and headbands (though I do love a good head band)

4.) I won’t know how they’ll look until I cut them. Then if I don’t like them.. I’m screwed

So basically, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Normally I just make drastic hair decisions while I’m in the chair at the salon, and worry about the repercussions later. Maybe the fact that I’m weighing my options is a sign of maturity.  I asked C for his opinion and his response was ,”What are bangs?” so then I had to use Google Images to show him. After that, he said I should go for it. I’m currently taking a Facebook poll and the results seem to favor getting bangs. Now I’m asking you guys. Any of you ladies (or stylish gentlemen) have thoughts on whether I should take a risk and get some bangs?

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