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C and I made a trip to Yankee Stadium this weekend. It was a great game, despite the steady monsoon throughout most of it. By far the most exciting part of the trip, though, was when we got word that Miss Cameron Diaz was in the house. To quote Michelle Tanner: “Whoa, baby!” We immediately went to search for Cammy, and spotted her at a bar sitting with two friends.

I wanted to play it cool and not gawk at her, but I definitely still wanted to get a good look. I forced C to casually walk by (twice) with me. I’m going to be honest, it was pretty awesome seeing her in person. I was star-struck. My first instinct was to go ask for a picture or say hello, but then I realized that she probably gets so sick of being hounded by creeps like me. Instead I just awkwardly stared and then went back to my seat and texted everyone I know.

Let me just say that had she been any of the Kardashian sisters, or Joanna Garcia-Swisher, or Chelsea Handler, or Katy Perry, or several other people, I definitely would have gone up and been an annoying fan. I just didn’t want to fly my fangirl flag unless it was absolutely necessary. Let someone else fly their fangirl flag for Cammy D. You know? I’m curious, who ranks high enough on your “fangirl/guy” list to warrant asking for a picture?


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