Leah and Corey Are Dunzo?

I’m reading reports that Teen Mom 2’s power couple, Leah and Corey, are (or will be) getting divorced. If this is true, NOOOOOO! I love them. Despite the fact that they got pregnant with twins just months after they began dating, they made it work. They were so cute together and clearly loved each other. They were determined to work together to find a solution to daughter Ali’s health problems. They were the best. They can’t be getting divorced!

No official confirmation yet, but she hasn’t denied it via Twitter either. You can laugh, but a few months ago these rumors surfaced for the first time and Leah quickly Tweeted that they weren’t true. She’s not saying anything now though, which makes me think that they actually might be true. Also, she deleted her old Facebook and made a new, private Facebook (she said the private setting is only temporary) and this Facebook profile features a picture of her alone. No babies and, more noticeably, no Corey.  Could just be a coincidence, but…it’s suspect, I would say.

I’m hoping these reports are just rumors because I seriously love these two together. Any of you Teen Mom-ologists have thoughts?

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