What's My Age Again? No, Seriously. I Have No Idea.

I woke up this morning and just felt the need to blast some old-school Blink-182. Sorry, downstairs neighbors. “What’s My Age Again?” was really speaking to me for some reason. Perhaps it’s because in one month I will be 23, which is the age they reference in the song. This fact is both cool and awful at the same time. I remember listening to this song in 7th grade and thinking ” Oh my God, I will NEVER be 23. That is so old. Your life is practically over when you’re 23.” I was 13 at the time, and the most important thing in my life was whether I got to talk to my “boyfriend” on AIM at night before I had to go do my homework. Now I’m listening to that song thinking, “Holy crap. I’m almost 23. How did that happen?”

I honestly think that if you quickly asked me to tell you my age, I would probably say I was 17. Sad, but true. I do not feel almost 23. Where did the time go? Most mornings I go to work feeling like I’m going to an internship and will soon be returning to college. This is not a knock on work. I adore my job and the people at my job. This just means that I do not feel old enough to have a full-time job, salary, benefits, and an apartment that I pay for myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m really glad I have all this stuff. It just feels a little weird sometimes. Do any of you other recent college grads feel this way? I’m not a doctor or anything, but I’m going to go ahead and say that being slow to adjust to post-college life is normal. So if you’re like me and still figuring it out…it’s okay. Did I make you feel better? If so, I’ll bill your insurance company.

I did some research and found out that the Blink-182 guys weren’t actually 23 when “What’s My Age Again?” came out, but they were about 27 when their first, successful record (“Enema of the State”) debuted.

That means I have roughly four years to do something huge and career-defining. No pressure. However, if I want to be on the Britney Spears plan then I’m already 7 years behind on the “do something career defining” plan. Crap. Better get moving. Listen, I say this partially in jest. I know that I’m not going to be a rock star, and I know that I don’t have to track my own career progress based on when musicians released their hit albums. At the same time, I often do feel pressure to get big things happening in my own career. I think that’s a normal feeling for recent grads. We/our parents spent all this money on an education, we have all the tools to make it happen, so what are we waiting for!? Do something! Do you ever feel this pressure? I’m not trying to go “The Graduate” on you, I’m just saying that being a recent college grad can be stressful sometimes, no?

If you feel like you’re still waiting for your “big break”, or even if you feel like you’re in the wrong job, have no fear. Take a look at this list of celebs who were doing some VERY random things at age 30. If they turned out okay, then I have faith in the rest of us.

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