Please Explain This To Me

Listen, I know not everyone enjoys his/her job. I feel bad about that, and I’m sorry. But if you are paid specifically to talk to customers/clients then don’t be mean. That’s my feeling. Correct me if I’m wrong. Also, if you are paid to take orders at a drive-thru…speak clearly! I just need to rant about this for a moment, so please forgive me for being a Negative Nancy. I have a few of those on my Twitter feed and they are such a drag, I know.

I went to Dunkin’ Donuts the other day, and I literally could not understand what the hell the drive-thru person was saying. I understood “Welcome to Dunkin’ Donuts…” and then I lost her. She was asking me if I wanted to try some sort of new product, or deal, or SOMETHING but she was talking so fast and slurring all her words together, and I was just lost. Instead of asking her to just repeat her pitch (because I already knew what I wanted) I just began to place my order. The girl then cuts me off in the middle of my order and asks again if I would like to try whatever product it was. No, no I would not. Hence, why I began ordering another one of your fine beverages. I understand this girl was probably in high school and is not looking to make a career out of working the drive-thru window at DD, but still. If you work at a drive-thru then you should speak slowly and enunciate. And don’t cut people off. I sound like a mother, but it’s true. It’s especially true if you work at a drive-thru that serves coffee, because if people haven’t had their coffee then they are probably going to be irritable and will not have patience for mumblers. And, no. I don’t want to try a Big and Toasty bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. I want a medium iced coffee with skim milk. That’s it. Maybe a veggie egg-white flatbread.

Okay, yeah definitely a veggie egg-white flatbread. Those things are delicious.

The next part of my story is this: if you work for a customer service desk or are a receptionist then you shouldn’t be a bitch. I understand everyone is cranky and gets tired of dealing with idiots all day, but that’s kind of part of the job. I literally get nervous every time I have to call my doctor because the receptionist is so nasty. She’ll cut you off and basically hang up on you. When you go in there she’ll throw your paperwork at you and scowl. I have to psych myself up to go in there because this woman instills fear in my heart.  I understand her job may suck, but it’s her job. She is paid to do it. She probably should stop being so rude and maybe try to crack a smile once in a while. Right? Right. Just a thought…

Now here are some cute baby otters to end this post on a positive note:

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