So today was the big bang cut. When my stylist started cutting I thought I was going to have a panic attack but now I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! They work well with my hair and help to give it more volume. Definitely a good decision. I know they’re going to take some getting used to because I keep startling myself in the mirror, and also kind of feel like I have a small woodland creature on my forehead BUT I love the way they look. Want to see a picture? When you look at this picture please keep in mind a.) I was seriously sleep deprived in this pic, which is why I look dead in the eyes and b.) I had just spent the entire car ride fiddling with the bangs so they look a little effed up. c.) This was taken in my car, by myself, on my camera phone. Doesn’t do the hair much justice. But I love them and I’m curious to know what you guys think! Shout out to my stylist Anna, she did such a great job!

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