Go See "Rio"

I wanted to go debut my new bangs somewhere where they would be appreciated. What better place for bang-appreciate than a children’s movie, right? With that in mind, C and I (and my bangs) went to go see “Rio.”  It was definitely a good choice. I feel like the crowd, which was made up of mostly 8-10 year olds, both appreciated and envied my new style. While I did have to put up with some seat-kicking, overall the crowd was very cute and the movie was awesome. It may not be the the way most ladies my age are spending their evening, but I enjoyed myself immensely. So there.

I’d been wanting to see this movie since I first saw the previews. I used to do this thing where I would hope C would read my mind and get us tickets. When it didn’t work out I would be surprised/disappointed. Lately I’ve either been getting my tickets myself or saying ” I want to go see this movie hint hint wink wink” and then he’ll get the tickets. Communicating! What a concept! It really makes life grand. Have you tried it lately? So a few days ago I told C that I wanted to see this movie and tonight he surprised me by getting us some tickets using Fandango. Good move by him, right?

Anyway, “Rio” did not disappoint. It was adorable, or “adorbs” if you like abbreviations like me. I compare every new-era Disney movie to classics such as “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Lion King” and I don’t know if it’s really fair to do that. Disney movies now are completely different than they were when I was a kid. I think I’ll always  be partial to the way they were when I was growing up. But with that said, “Rio” was a great movie. Apparently you had the option of seeing it in 3D, but I am the exception to the rule and hate 3D movies so we opted for normal, boring 2D. The colors were absolutely gorgeous, the score was fun and the animation was insane. Actually, a lot of the movie seemed like it was in 3D anyway.

The other fun thing about this movie was the semi-adult jokes they slipped in that went over the kids heads but made the moms and dads (and other randos in the theater like C and me) laugh. This was a trend started by the “Shrek” series, and I love that. The movie was the perfect length too, which is good because I am a product of the intense technology era, and therefore have little to no attention span.

Because this is my blog, I’m creating my own rating system. The rating system will be based on Dolces. Dolce is my semi-mentally handicapped dog. He eats his own poo and doesn’t know his own name, but he is absolutely adorable. I will rate various movies and songs based on the Dolce system. The highest rating you can get will be 4 Dolces. This will be reserved for amazing films or songs. The lowest you can get will be 0 Dolces. This will happen if your movie or song really sucks. The movie “Rio” gets 3 Dolces. The reason it didn’t get 4 is because it was really predictable. Yeah, I know it’s a Disney movie but….still. 3 Dolces is still a great honor, and you should absolutely go see this movie.

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