Happy Easter to those who celebrate

If you celebrating the holiday today, Happy Easter! If you are some sort of Jewish-Christian-wannabe-hybrid like me then have fun doing whatever you are doing today. If you are Jewish, just a few more days until you can eat real bread again! You can do it! C and I have a whirlwind family extravaganza going on today. Lunch at his Dad’s house which is about 1 1/2 hours away. Then a visit at his mom’s. Then back home to have dinner with my parentals. This is the first year they’ve done anything Easter-y so it should be interesting and fun. Overall, a good day. When I get back I want to post pictures of some things I bought on my travels to Sephora and Cache yesterday. In other words, I found some fun new makeup products and a dress to wear to the black-tie event I have to go to next weekend. Will you be waiting on pins and needles for the big reveal? I think so… Enjoy the day. Can we agree that this is the Easter Bunny you see in your nightmares?

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