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Yesterday my friend Hilary and I went on an excursion to our local mall. Normally the mall is a scary, scary place on a Saturday during high school spring break, but we were willing to fight the crowds. I desperately needed to find a dress for the gala (what a goofy word) I’m going to next weekend. If you didn’t read about that check out that post here. First we decided to make a pit-stop at Sephora. Always necessary. I didn’t go in wanting/needing anything but once I was there I realized I could use some new concealer and some another stick of my favorite eyeliner. Hilary needed a few things too, so needless to say we spent quite some time in Sephora. It’s not hard to do.

Here’s what I left with:

I got some Laura Mercier concealer, a new Urban Decay eyeliner, and I impulse-bought this tube of Rosebud Salve. I have it in the round tub and I’m obsessed, so I figured it would be just as good in the tube and I wouldn’t have to get my finger all sticky. Definitely a good buy. The concealer is great and I know it’ll be even better when I actually have some color in my skin (which needs to happen ASAP). I’ve been using it under my eyes (since I always look like a zombie) and on my chin to cover up some blemishes. The eyeliner is my absolute favorite. It glides right on, is really easy to control (never looks too drag-queeny) and smudges out nicely. I buy it in black. Pretty basic, but so effective. They have tons of other fun colors too, which I need to try.

After the makeup pit-stop we focused on our mission: find me a dress that looks good but not skanky. Oh, and that fits over my boobs. That last part sounds easier than it is. I had to find a cocktail dress for a banquet I had to go to a few months ago, and I literally got my chest stuck in a dress at White House/Black Market. It was humiliating. It took two salesgirls to get me out. I am not trying to be a Megan Fox here (remember when she said she hated not being able to gain weight) and say that big boobs are such a chore. They definitely have benefits. But when it comes to fitting into dresses, they are a pain. If I was a celebrity and could have a dress custom-made for me, we wouldn’t have a problem. But I’m not, so that’s not the case.

Usually what ends up happening is the dress fits everywhere else but won’t fit over my chest. If it fits over my chest then it’s like a tent everywhere else. Not flattering. Dress shopping is always a dreaded task. For some reason, sales girls also love to pretend to commiserate with me. I can’t tell you how many sales girls have said , ” I’m big on top too…” or “For us big-busted ladies.” Okay, I get it. I have bodacious ta-tas. Don’t try to pretend like we’re in some D-cup sorority. Just help me find something that fits, and get the hell out of my dressing room. We are not even friends.

We tried a few stores with absolutely no luck. The dresses were either too big, too small, or looked cheap and slutty. Finally we ventured into Cache where I found the perfect dress. At first I wasn’t too crazy about it because I was afraid it looked like a dress that a pregnant celebrity would wear to the Oscars. Kind of like this one:

But Hilary really thought it would look good on me so she forced me to try it on. And I’m really glad I did. The dress was perfect. It looked good with my dark hair (and new bangs) and my fair skin (although I’ll probably be spray-tanning). It showed off my girls, but wasn’t pornographic. It wasn’t super tight all over and looked classy.  It looked well-made but not too fancy. The color was gorgeous. It was perfect. The only issue was that the hook in the back was missing. Of course. The dress was the last one in its size and color and they weren’t getting any more in. I got it and got a discount. It’s worth it to take it to the tailor and get a hook put on. I never find a dress I like/that fits over my boobs.

Here are some pictures of the dress. The girl in the picture is a model, not me. I get mistaken for models a lot, so I just wanted to make sure you realized that. I’ll take some pictures of me in the dress at the event so you can see what it looks like on a real person.

Shoulder detail

Look at this next picture. Check out the way the fabric wraps under the bust. I really liked this about the dress. I think it emphasizes my waist and helps the dress to not look like maternity wear. It also reminds me of the dress Kate Middleton wore when she and Wills announced their engagement (pictured below). Yeah, I’m obsessed.

Not sure why it photographed this color


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