I Am Right/The Weather Outside is Insanely Frightful

I just need to take a moment to acknowledge my own intelligence. Please humor me. Last fall I bought this pair of Hunter rainboots.

I spent a significant chunk of change on the boots, and get a LOT of use out of them. BUT whenever I wear them, I get a snarky comment from one of my co-workers, friends, family members, etc. Comments usually include things such as, “Are you mucking out the barn today?” or “Are we expecting a flood?” Yeah, everyone’s a comedian. Despite the wise cracks, I always keep the rain boots under my desk at work… just in case.

Well, dear readers, that “just in case” happened today, when my fair city was hit with a rainstorm that bordered on hurricane proportions.  It was really warm and sticky all day, which basically means that a thunderstorm is on the way.

Sure enough, at about 4pm: BOOM! Sky is pitch black. Rain comes down in sheets. Hail the size of golf balls. Lightning. Power flickers in and out. I was inside at work, but literally had a hard time hearing myself think because the rain/hail was so loud.  My Gmail (which shows the current weather) was purple and black with lightning bolts.

Here are a few pictures of our fun weather that I stole from our local news station and my friends, Katie and Melissa. The first picture is self-explanatory, the second picture shows you the hail, and the third picture shows you a lovely pond that formed on what is normally a grassy area.

 Lots of the major highways are shut down due to flooding and apparently another storm is expected to roll through. I am scared to drive home, but my Jeep is a monster so there is no way we could get stuck in standing water ::insert tough, grunting, manly noise here::

Anyway, the point of this post was to point out that a.) my city is experiencing an apocalypse b.) the world may actually end before 2012 and c.) it’s a damn good thing I bought those Hunter rain boots because I’m going to need them when I walk to my car. So I hope everyone who laughs at me when I wear them feels bad now and enjoys their soggy pants legs as they tread through inches of standing water. But in all seriousness, get home safe if you are driving through what I’ll be driving through! It’s a mean, mean world out there!

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