The Greatest Invention of the History of the World! Seriously!

You guys. I am in love. With a Neutrogena body scrub (and my boyfriend of course). But seriously. You know that woman who married a truck? I think I might marry this body scrub. First let me back up and make this huge announcement: I decided I’m going to get a spray tan today after work. It’s risky, but I can’t bring myself to fake bake. Nor can I bring myself to go to this event (read blog post if you aren’t caught up) looking like a corpse. Thus, I will be heading over to Total Tan and giving the Mystic Tan a whirl. My friend from work is going to try it with me. That way if it turns out to be a horrible mistake, at least we both look orange and ridiculous. Maybe people will just think we’re really up on the new orange, streaky skin trend, right?

Anyway, we’re doing everything possible to make sure the tan comes out okay. The girl at the tanning salon told us we have to exfoliate really well beforehand. I did some googling to get a recommendation on some good exfoliators/body scrubs and I read about this Neutrogena Sugar Scrub. People were raving about how well it works and how good it smells.

I was at the grocery store and saw it there. It was really cheap (like 8 bucks or so) so I decided to grab some and see what happened. Turns out…IT’S PERFECTION! It smells delicious and IT FEELS AMAZING! I CAN’T STOP WRITING IN CAPS IT’S SO GOOD! I always get dry, itchy skin and this buffed it all away. It was like getting a mini massage without having to pay hundreds of dollars or get touched by strangers (yeah, I don’t enjoy massages). It was heaven, basically. I’d highly recommend picking up a jar. Post about The Great Spray Tan Experiment to follow, so stay tuned…

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