The Great Spray Tan Experiment Part Deux

So last night I was afraid my color wasn’t dark enough. Ladies and gents, I stand corrected. I am THRILLED with the spray tan! I look like I was outside being active on Saturday. I do NOT look like I was lying in a tanning bed. This is exactly what I was hoping would happen. I wasn’t smart enough to take a “before” picture. I was too busy panicking about the results. But I will post some “after” pictures on here.

I think next time I could go one level darker, but I’m also really happy with how natural this looks. I feel like I just look healthier in general. My teeth look whiter. I feel more confident. This was all I wanted. I wasn’t hoping to change races overnight. The only casualty in this whole process are my wrists and fingers. I guess they weren’t kidding when they said to put a THICK coat of this barrier cream on your hands/fingers/palms. I put what I thought was a thick coat of the cream on my hands, but apparently it wasn’t enough because I have some serious Jersey Shore hands/fingers.

Ruh roh....

Close up

My friend has the same issue. I’m going to try to exfoliate it away tonight. I’ve also heard lemon juice can get rid of this problem, so I’ll give that a shot.

I was definitely expecting at least half of my body to turn out like my hands did, though, so I am super happy that this is the only issue with the spray tan. I will absolutely be going back for another Mystic Tan. Now that I’m a seasoned pro I think I can avoid the same palm/finger/hand mishap.

Check out my bronzed look:

Also, what do you think of the new hair? I had to be in to work early for a meeting so I’m not having the best hair day but…here are my bangs. And yes, that’s a Lady Gaga poster behind me. I snapped this picture as I was leaving work today. Gaga chills with me in my office every day. So professional, I know.

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