The Royal Wedding

*Editor’s note: Sorry this post is delayed. I was at work all day and then was struck with a migraine so I was out of commission for most of the evening/night. But it’s here now for your reading pleasure!*

I’m going to be honest with you. I was on the fence about getting up to watch the royal wedding. I know. Shameful. I had my DVR set to record the whole thing just in case I wimped out. BUT at 4:30 am I woke up and had to pee, and I knew that was God telling me that I was destined to get up and watch this wedding. So I got up, went pee, and then stayed up and watched the entire ceremony.  I was giddy the entire time. The work day ended up being pretty miserable because of this choice. I was cranky, and felt like my brain was full of mud. But you know what? If my kids ever ask, I can say ” Yes, children. Mommy watched William and Kate get married LIVE! No DVRs allowed!” And they will be amazed and impressed. Or not really care. Either way. I care, and I am proud of myself and my dedication to the royal family.

I literally was in tears for the entire thing, which I did not expect. I’ve been to a few weddings in my life and have never come close to tears. Yet as soon as Kate emerged from the hotel I was sobbing. She looked gorgeous. Her dress was not too revealing (she was in front of the Queen after all) but still modern and young. I loved it. I also really loved her makeup and hair. 

Some people are saying she did the makeup herself, which I think is so cool. She didn’t look overdone at all. Very fresh-faced and naturally beautiful (because she is really stunning). I was really hoping she wouldn’t do an updo for the event, so I was so happy when I saw the hairstyle she chose. I’m kind of an updo hater. I think they look too stiff and sort of scream ” junior prom.” Also, in all your pictures, from head-on it looks like you have no hair! I LOVED Kate’s soft ringlets and the half-up, half-down look. Gorgeous. Stunning. Exactly the look I would have chosen if it had been me.

Everything about this wedding was perfect. Despite the fact that 500 million people were watching, and they obviously were aware of this, Kate and Wills seemed calm and kept whispering to each other  in a way that made me swoon. When she finally arrived next to him at the altar and he turned to her and mouthed “You’re beautiful.” Oh my god. There was nothing better. Waterworks. Sidenote, Prince William is really balding. Not just a receding hairline, he has a legitimate bald patch. He’s still very attractive, and seems very sweet but…just thought I’d point that out. In case you didn’t notice. Which you probably did. Also, did you notice that Harry kept looking around while William and Kate were exchanging their vows? ADD? Boredom? Fascinated by the Abbey’s beauty? All of the above? Harry just oozes vibes of rebellion and bad boy-ness and I like it. He’s feisty. I also loved when Kate was walking down the aisle, and Harry turned around (he and Wills had their backs to her) to sneak a peek and he clearly mouthed something like “Wait til you see her” to his brother. That was endearing. Why is he with Chelsy Davy? She just looks like she’s trashy. Let’s take a look at her, shall we?

Can you imagine her and Kate as sisters-in-law? That would be a funny joke. Why can’t Harry and beautiful Pippa Middleton be together? Then it would REALLY be like a Lifetime movie.

Look how naturally beautiful Pippa is! She doesn’t look like she was out until 4am dancing on a bar and taking tequila shots. Can’t the Queen order Pippa and Harry to get together or off with their heads? No? That’s not how it works anymore? Okay then.

In some ways I almost feel bad for Pippa. Her sister will one day be the Queen of England, and she’s just a normal girl dating around and working a normal job. But at the same time, she is so gorgeous and has a rugby-player boyfriend (or whoever he is). I don’t think she will die alone. Plus, she’s the younger sister. If she were the older, single, unattractive sister that would be sadsies. But she’s not. Life has not been unkind to Pippa Middleton. Just look at her.

Sidenote: I believe I stumbled upon Chelsy Davy’s semi-public Facebook page. Is this really her? Is this a fake? I’ve read that she loves Facebook so maybe this is for real…

And one more thing. I follow Nicky Hilton on Twitter, and she tweeted this gem (which she later deleted after getting lots of heat/torture for it): “Congratulations to the new Duch and Duchess of Cambridge! I hope they live happily ever after” Makes you proud to be an American, doesn’t it?

In short, the wedding was amazingly beautiful, and worth my day of sleep-deprivation. I love her. I love him. I love them. I loved her dress and hair. I loved it all. The end.

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