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What You Can Learn From Celebrity Splits And More…

Check out the latest piece I wrote for the lovely ladies at Love Twenty. It’s about what you can learn from celebrity break-ups. Click here to read it.   Also, don’t forget to tweet me @lifewithlauren1 AND now you can e-mail me here: Pretty cool, right? And if you REALLY loved me, you’d “like” […]

A New Approach to Vacations

Greetings, earthlings! I haven’t posted in a few days and I feel so out of touch! This weekend, Chris and I took advantage of a bonus day off and spent some time in New York City A lot of our friends from college live there, so we spent a little bit of time sightseeing and […]

Blog Update

C and I are going to New York for the long weekend for a much-needed catch up with friends, so I will be a little bit MIA this weekend. Also, I’m making some changes to the site on Monday (I’ll be hosting it myself from now on, sorry Word Press), so if you notice any […]

The Spray Tan Experiment Continues

The other day I bought a package of three spray tan sessions. It was a lot cheaper than buying them individually, and I was pretty happy with my first spray tan sesh. Besides the orange wrists. You live and you learn, right? Of course when I went to use the package, the Mystic Tan machine […]

What Did You Do At Work? I Identified A Criminal

I knew work was going to be exciting when there was a police officer sitting in our lobby before 10 a.m. Remember when I told you our parking lot was a haven for break-ins and neighborhood criminals? Well yesterday I witnessed that first-hand. Here’s how it went down, including the part where I ID’d a […]