I Gots A Logo, Y'all

How do you guys like the new logo/header!? I am in LOVE. I wish I could say I designed it myself but… I did not. All the credit goes to my friend/co-worker Marissa Greenlar. Now that I have a real, big-girl logo, I’ve created a Facebook fan page for myself. This is not because I think I am worthy of a fan page, but more so I can post stuff about the site but don’t have to annoy everyone on my feed. Here’s the link if you want to like it (hint hint).

I’m off to record a video for my VYou channel that I’ve got going with College Crush. Confuzzled? Here’s the deal: My lovely and amazingly funny friends at The College Crush have given me the opportunity to write a column for them (insert happy dance here). I also get my own VYou (think You Tube) channel where I get to answer questions from readers. I can also post my own little rants (I’m good at ranting, ask my mother) so I’m pretty excited about this. Here’s the link to my VYou channel, so you can check it out once it gets going.

Yayayayay exciting things! If you have questions, send them my way via VYou! Also, thought I’d share a few pics from the Gala I kept telling you guys about. The lighting was craptastic, which is why I look like I’m not wearing any makeup. But I am in love with the dress. Many thanks to my friend Hilary for forcing me to try it on. She knows me better than I know myself.

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