Now I Understand the Cover of Every Women's Magazine Ever

When I was younger, I used to see my mom’s magazines and notice that almost every issue had some variation of a story about how to balance work, kids, a marriage, exercise, looking decent, and preparing healthy meals. I could not figure out what everyone was freaking out about. I didn’t have a job, kids, or a husband. I didn’t care much about exercise because I was like 14 years old. My idea of looking decent was going to Claire’s and getting some new hair accessories and then heading to CVS to pick up some new N.Y.C. makeup. Problem solved. So you can imagine my confusion when I saw magazine after magazine with solutions on how to balance these things.

Now that I have a full-time job to attend to, friends who live in other cities to keep up with, exercise to do, makeup to apply, and a boyfriend to hang out with (and feed) I understand the stress that magazines were constantly discussing. Life gets “cray cray” as the Kardashians would say. In real people words, life is insane sometimes and it really is hard to balance everything.

Usually when I’m busy, the first thing that gets sacrificed is cooking. Mostly because I’m not so great at it. Actually that’s a bit of a lie. I am good at cooking very basic things. My menu consists of various forms of chicken, steak, chili, and (on special occasions) turkey. And obviously sides such as pasta, rice, veggies, etc. But my menu options are not amazingly varied, and after working all day I’m usually not jumping with joy about cooking. Then one day, I was checking out one of my favorite sites: and they had this amazingly easy and delicious recipe for “Pita Pizzas.” So good, so easy, so healthy and so cheap.

Basically what you do is buy a package of pre-made, whole wheat, mini pitas from the grocery store. Then take some tomato sauce, and low-fat cheese (and if you’re like C add some pepperoni) and put them on top of the pita. Pop them in the toaster oven for five minutes or so and you’re ready. The little pita pizzas are completely satisfying when paired with a side. Delish. The best part is they’re not even bad for you. They have 160 calories each and also contain fiber and protein. Obviously the pepperoni makes them worse for you, so I usually skip that part. Instead I like to add peppers, mushrooms and other veggies on mine.

Here’s a link to the actual recipe. Glamour classifies them as a snack, but C and I eat them all the time as a meal. We just pair it with a little salad or other veggies and we’re all set. Here’s a picture of the pita pizzas C made. Do you like the amazingly adorable plates we just got? They were super cheap at the grocery store but don’t tell anyone.

The other lunch/snack recipe I love also comes from my friends at Glamour. This is a gourmet variation on a PB&J sandwich. They’ve made the recipe into a flatbread, but I’m sticking with a sandwich and just using whole wheat bread. It’s pretty simple. Here’s their idea. My take is just a little different. I take a slice of whole wheat bread and toast it. Then I add reduced fat peanut butter and cut up some fresh strawberries to put on top. It’s like a gourmet, open-faced PB&J sandwich (or toast, as I guess they call it these days). I just think it tastes better toasted. I also like the idea of substituting strawberries for jelly. Less sugar/processed crap, more vitamins/good-for-you crap.

What do you guys think? Will you try these (insanely easy) recipes?

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