Families Can Be So Embarrassing Sometimes

Kate Middleton is now the Duchess of Cambridge. She will one day be the Queen of England. There are a million and one benefits to this life. One of the few negatives is that the entire world is now mildly to insanely interested in everything she (and her family) does. This becomes even more complicated because people have things like Facebook, camera phones and Twitter. Oh, and for some reason everyone feels the need to take naked pictures of him/herself. Today, scandalous pictures of both sister Pippa and brother James were released all over the Internet.  Somehow, I can’t imagine the Queen is loving this behavior from her new extended family members. Poor, Kate. Naughty siblings can be such a bother.

Take a look at this picture of Pippa. This is on People.com, but it’s also being splashed all over tons of other celeb gossip sites.

It’s not AWFUL. Certainly no worse than some of the things we’ve seen from the likes of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, but if I were Pippa/Kate/the royal family I would certainly not be too pleased. This is not exactly appropriate behavior for the sister of the Queen-to-be. Plus, it’s pretty embarrassing even if you were just a commoner. But think about it. If we lived a few decades ago, this photo wouldn’t have a way to be released on such a wide scale. The person who had it would probably show it to his/her friends and that would be the end. Stupid, stupid Internet.

Then we get to the naughtier pictures. Little James Middleton (who is 23) apparently liked to have some fun in his younger years. This fun includes using a hair dryer on his no-no areas, dressing up like a french maid, and getting completely naked and using his legs to cover up his man bits. Normal male stuff. Okay maybe not. What he chooses to do with his free time is up to him. These pictures, like Pippa’s, were leaked and can now easily be located through a Google search. I’m not going to put them up on this blog because I am a woman of high moral standards. But if you are the type of person who is into this smut, then view them here. But be warned. They are probably not something you to want to look at in the office. If your boss happens to walk by then your life will probably not be so happy.

On the one hand, I feel bad for Kate, Pippa and James about this whole thing. I’m sure at some point in your life you took at least a few pictures that you later grew to regret. Chances are that you were able to just delete those pictures from your Facebook and ask your friend to delete them from hers, and then POOF! they were gone. Yes, there’s always the chance that some a-hole saved them on his/her computer, but they probably have no incentive to start distributing them. I’m sure your body is lovely, but I don’t think Us Weekly would pay someone millions of dollars for pictures of you dirty dancing in your undies like they probably did for the Pippa Middleton shot. Now if you’re a new member of the royal family, then it’s highly likely that these pictures will never totally disappear. Pictures they took years ago are still coming back to haunt/embarrass the Middleton siblings. That really sucks.

This brings me to my next point: IF YOU ARE FAMOUS/RELATED TO SOMEONE WHO IS FAMOUS: DON’T TAKE SCANDALOUS PICTURES! There was a whole thing in Hollywood a few weeks ago where famous ladies’ phones/computers were getting hacked and their nudie pics were being leaked all over the Internet. This is not the first time this has happened (Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens) so these women probably couldn’t have been totally shocked. This makes me think “Why the hell do all these people keep taking naked/embarrassing pictures of themselves?” It seems to just ask for trouble. If you are famous and know that people would probably like to see you naked, why would you make that in any way possible? The answer is you shouldn’t. If you really must do it, at least make it for a movie so you have the chance to win an Oscar.

You would think that, at some point, one generation of celebs would learn from generations past. But they don’t. And they won’t. You will probably always hear about celebs having their pictures leaked online. But life would be much easier if these people would just take my advice and not take photographic evidence of their nudity and bad behavior. This also applies for commoners who plan on wanting to get a job at some point. Just a thought.

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