Ice Loves Coco

Are you familiar with the match made in heaven that is Ice-T and Coco? If not, please feast your eyes on their greatness:
He was a huge rapper in the ’90s and now acts on Law and Order: SVU. And she….has the biggest ass I’ve ever seen in my entire life. She puts Kim Kardashian to shame. Coco claims that her derriere (spelling? who knows?), but I don’t really know. Or care to find out.  Apparently Coco is also a “body model”, a lingerie model, has a clothing line, and some other stuff as well. But let’s be honest. She’s mostly just famous for her booty. Mrs. T is also really active on Twitter (@cocosworld). Her tweets are actually pretty amusing, and she seems down-to-earth. Although she does enjoy tweeting scandalous pictures which I’d really prefer not to see (Thong Thursday, anyone?).

Mrs. and Mrs. T are getting a reality show called “Ice Loves Coco.” Take a look at the preview


When I first read that these two lovebirds are joining the ranks of the reality show elite, I rolled my eyes and laughed. Then I instantly stopped lying to myself and admitted that I will definitely be watching. Every week. The E! network owns my soul and I love it.

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