Funny Ways People Find My Site

I always get a good giggle out of looking at the various google search terms people used to find my site. Listen, I’ve been known to google some bizarre/random/embarrassing things, so no judgement. But….some of these terms are funny. A few recent gems that have brought readers to my site:

Caps Lock key missing. This was true about my old computer. Clearly someone wanted to see if anyone else in the world was as dumb as they are. Kidding. Missing caps lock keys happen to the best of us.

–  Why is Leah from Teen Mom 2 so orange? Great question. Clearly she didn’t choose the right shade when spray tanning like I did.

Did Dr. Drew spray tan for the Teen Mom 2 reunion? Up for debate but I’m going to say no

Olivia Wilde sexy bangs. Yes they are.

What to do when someone steals your parking space. Slash their tires.

Help i’m graduating college. See my advice from a recent post here

What to wear to a Bob Seger concert. Basically anything goes. Daisy Dukes, sparkly, age-inappropriate tank tops, colored-hair extensions. It’s all good.

Screw my mother. Um…I’m not going to go near this one…

Teenage plain pedicure. Huh? Essie’s Bubble Bath is a nice, neutral shade if you’re looking for a non-offensive pedicure…?

Lauren from teen mom. Are you referring to me? I wasn’t on Teen Mom. Although I’m obsessed with the show, I avoided teen pregnancy at all costs. Or perhaps you’re referring to the show’s creator, Lauren Dolgan. Yeah, I’m obsessed.

Pita Middleton. Close but no cigar.

What is wrong with Christina Aguilera’s hair and face? ……

Please continue searching so I’ll have other funny searches to post. Much appreciated.

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