New Goodies Part 2

I had great luck building my summer wardrobe yesterday and today! I have to show you guys the things I got. I was in desperate need of some new stuff. I was literally wearing stuff that was falling apart and had holes in it and was so gross. Lovely, I know. Take a look at the cute new things I got though. Also, sorry about the boring/not gorgeous photos. I wanted to do a “new clothes” mini photo shoot (aka me in my backyard wearing the new clothes) but by the time I got home it was dark and I wanted to get the post up tonight since I’m going to be gone all weekend, so this is what I’ve got. Sorry!

Check out this romper I got

Cute, right? I used to swear I would NEVER buy a romper but when I saw this I loved it. I made the mistake of not trying it on before I bought it (impulse buy, shame on me) and I could probably use a smaller size, so I’ll exchange it on Monday. I love it though! Sometimes rompers make me think of four-year olds, but I think this one is really chic and fun for summer. I also got this dress to wear to C’s brother’s graduation this weekend:

To be honest, I never in a million years would have tried this on but the salesgirl promised it would look cute. She was right. It cinches and folds over at the waist. I love it. The back has a nice cut-out detail:

Me likey. I think I could wear this to work too if I wore a tank top under it. Thoughts? Maybe I’m wrong. Let me know, because I don’t want to be inappropriate.

This little purse was pretty cheap too so I snagged it because I didn’t have any small brown bags to wear with my new dress. Take a look:

The bag looks black in the pictures but it’s more of a dark brown. I LOVE all the little pockets and compartments. I can never find a clutch/wristlet that fits all the stuff I want to bring out with me, but this one has lots of room! I love the purple lining too. It also has a strap so it can become a regular purse. LOVE.

How about this skirt from Urban Outfitters? Sorry for all the wrinkles in this picture. I left it sitting in a bag for a few days. Whoops.

I also got two shirts from American Eagle. I haven’t shopped there in a while, but I poked my head in while we were leaving the mall and had some luck. Here’s what I got:

Picked up this shirt too for only ten bucks:

Thus ends the virtual fashion show. Did you guys get anything fun for spring/summer?

P.S. I’ll be gone all this weekend so we will have to catch up on Monday. I’ll take some pictures of me wearing the new dress!

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