Reality TV Keeps Getting Weirder

Have you guys seen the show “Pregnant in Heels”? I started watching it by accident, actually. I DVR “Bethenny Ever After” in case I ever have to miss a second of it, and the DVR catches the first five minutes of “Pregnant in Heels.” Well once I watched five minutes, I had to watch a few episodes. The show is insane. People are insane. Reality TV is insane.

First of all, SNL did an absolutely hilarious skit about the show, which you must watch

If you watch the show, you know that skit is basically 100% accurate.

This is the mom-to-be who doesn't want a baby to ruin her way of life.

Anyway, the episode that really made me question humanity featured a couple who had some serious concerns about their baby, who was about a month away from being born. They had a really modern, clean theme going in their expensive Manhattan apartment, and they were afraid that the baby and its toys/clothes would mess up the theme. I am not joking. If you don’t believe me watch the episode. Furthermore, they were concerned that the great life they had built would now have to revolve around the baby…

I kept waiting for one of them to say “Just kidding” but in fact they weren’t. They really were concerned that their apartment would be too “babyfied” and that their life would have to become all about the baby. Oh yeah, the baby is almost here and they’ve only bought one baby item. No room full of toys, clothes and diapers. Just one sole baby item in a room that they are still calling “the guest room.”  The other thing is this mom-to-be was horribly sarcastic and negative and basically the worst person ever.

Poor Rosie Pope ( I just love her) brings a therapist in, and that seems to semi-fix this effed up couple, but I really hope that they’ve set aside the money they’re not spending on toys to get this kid years of therapy, because he will need it. Especially after they named him Fox. Fox. Are you kidding me? They must really want to pretend this thing is not a kid.

The fabulous Rosie Pope

The second couple featured in the episode insisted on putting together a focus group to determine which of their favorite names was the best for their unborn son. The mom-to-be was a branding expert and felt that your name is the ultimate form of branding. They had all sorts of experts fly in to be a part of this focus group where they tested WASP-y, obnoxious names like Asher and Bowen. Bowen? That is definitely not even a real name. They ended up ignoring everyone’s opinion and naming the kid Bowen Asher. That kid is basically born to be a tool with parents like that and a name like that.

I am weirdly fascinated by this show and the odd people it features. I never knew just how insane some really rich people are. It makes me greatly appreciate my sane, loving, normal-name-giving family.

Do you guys watch this show? Any other weird shows that I need to watch? I gave “Mob Wives” a shot but was definitely not feeling it.

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