My New Thing: ExerciseTV on Demand/Working Out at Home

I enjoy the treadmill and the elliptical as much as the next girl. So not very much. But I do go to the gym and do some interval training on the machines. I get a mild to moderate amount of enjoyment out of people-watching at the gym, and I usually come back with a good story or two. But I’ve got to tell you about my new thing (no, not Shapeups): ExerciseTV on Demand.

I know this is not actually a new thing, but I’ve only started using it recently. Let me tell you something, the workouts on that channel are not a joke! I mean that in a good way. First of all, there are tons and tons of different workouts to try. I’ve been using the channel mostly as a way to get my strength-training in, and it’s been great. Before I used to just skip strength-training because a.) it’s kind of boring and b.) i had no idea what I was doing, but this has forced me to do it. It’s also really good if you only have ten or fifteen minutes but want to do a little bit of exercise. Also, they have the Jillian Michaels 30-day shred!  If you haven’t tried this workout, you need to. It is SERIOUS. I am sore for usually a full day afterward. Jillian Michaels is thin and evil. It only takes half an hour to do, but it is amazing.

A few of my other favorite ExerciseTV workouts:

Tank Top Arms (Could also be called Michelle Obama Arms. Girl who teaches this is jacked)

Yoga for Abs ( The guy who teaches it is kind of a hottie, always a plus)

10 Minute Cardio Sculpt (I thought this would be a joke but it actually got my heart rate up and I felt the burn in my legs the next day)

10 Minute Abs and Back Workout (If you want to target the abs like me)

This channel is part of my cable package, which is awesome. Definitely a lot cheaper than a personal trainer.

I’m also thinking of investing in the Tracy Anderson DVDs. Have you guys heard about these? She’s a favorite with celebrities like Nicole Richie, Gwyneth Paltrow and my personal favorite Catt Sadler (from E! News, obviously). 

She has a whole diet and workout system called the Tracy Anderson method. The DVD set is somewhere around $90. Pretty pricey. I’ve heard great things though, so it may be worth it. Although I do have a birthday coming up… On the other hand though, I did ask for the Kinect to go with our XBox so I can Zumba, bowl, and white water raft to my heart’s content in our living room. Maybe I will have to save my pennies and get myself the Tracy Anderson method at a later date.

Have you guys tried ExerciseTV? What about the XBox Kinect or Tracy Anderson’s DVDs? Anyone prefer to just slave away at the gym?

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