It's the End of the World As We Know It

So you may or may not have heard that tomorrow may be the beginning of the end of days. If you are unfamiliar with those whole thing, read this article or this one . Apparently this theory comes from a bunch of religious kooks (shocking, I know) who are interpreting the Bible and numerology and something having to do with Noah’s Ark. 

Basically, the world is not going to end. But if it does, I hope it’s like all the parts of “Day After Tomorrow” that didn’t suck….so basically, the cool special effects and Jake Gyllenhaal. So let’s say the world does end. What does one bring to the apocalypse, anyway? You’ve probably thought about the basics, but here are some more unusual (and high-maintenance) items that I will have ready in the event of the end of days:

A good pair of running shoes. I don’t know if we’ll need to be running from tsunamis or avalanches or rabid wolves, so I want some solid footwear. Plus, I’m bad at walking in heels.

Snacks. I get hungry a lot, and I certainly don’t think Panera will be open during an apocalypse, so I should probably keep some Kashi granola bars with me to ensure that I have a nutritious and filling snack no matter what’s going on around me. These guys are packed with fiber and taste great. Love em. The dark mocha almond are my personal favorite.

iPad. I can listen to music, surf the web, take notes about what’s going on around me, play Angry Birds or Plants vs. Zombies. The iPad does it all. Plus it has wifi.

Tide to Go Pen. I don’t know what the washer/dryer situation is going to be like, so on-the-go stain-fighting is going to be important.

-Snuggie. Provides warmth. Functional (allows a full range of motion for your arms). Could double as a blanket or sleeping device. Matches any outfit. Good conversation starter in case you need to start a new village with strangers.

– A  Place of Yes by Bethenny Frankel. Just started reading this book and it is seriously life-changing. Review coming soon. I would definitely need this book to keep me calm during uncertain times. 

-Victoria’s Secret Yoga Pants. I have an obsession with these things, and with good reason. They are super comfortable and much more attractive than baggy sweatpants. They’d be great in an apocalyptic situation too, because you could run from whatever may chase you, and sleep wherever with ease, yet still look put-together. 

– Pepper spray. Keeps predators at bay without causing serious harm.

What else am I missing?

I leave you with this very appropriate video by Mr. Dave Matthews. It would be one of my favorite songs even if an apocalypse wasn’t on the horizon. Talk to you all tomorrow….maybe?


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