A Book Review: A Place of Yes

Over the weekend I started reading A Place of Yes by Bethenny Frankel.

I was pumped to read this because I absolutely love Bethenny. You guys, this book is AMAZING. You need to stop what you’re doing and get in your car, get on your bike, walk to the subway, get on your roller skates, just do whatever you have to do to go BUY IT!

I’m not normally into self-help/advice  books because they’re a little too touchy-feely for me, but this one is perfect.  It is like getting advice from your fun aunt. It’s actually really helpful and makes you take a look at your own life, and the way you view yourself.  Bethenny is her typical straight-to-the-point self. She relates a lot of her ideas back to her own life, so it’s interesting to read her thoughts and then take a look at them based on her background.

I’m not that far into the book yet, but I’m obsessed.  She brings up an interesting point which I hadn’t really thought about. A lot of how we think about ourselves as adults ( and therefore a lot of our self-worth/self-esteem) comes from what we heard about ourselves when we were kids, and what we hear now about how we were as kids. Obviously when you’re young you aren’t aware of your personality, and can’t remember details about events that happened at the beginning of your life. Therefore, we rely on the adults in our lives to dictate these events and our actions back to us. These stories and words impact how we view ourselves as we grow up , for better or for worse. If you’re told that you were angry and argumentative, you’re probably going to just think of yourself as an angry person. If you’re told that you were determined and always persevered, then you’re probably going to continue to do that.

Bethenny says that you don’t need to continue being who you were told you were as a child, which I think is so interesting. I’d never even considered that. I was always told I was very shy as a child, and I know that I was. Therefore, I’ve always considered myself to be shy. But why do I need to continue to be that way? I’m 23 years old, I am not the same person I was when I was three or four. This chapter in her book made me a lot more aware about the way I classify myself, and the way I allow myself to be classified. It’s pretty fascinating.

She also spends a lot of time talking about “breaking the chain”, which means that you don’t have to be who your mother and father were. She had a pretty terrible childhood but she stresses that she will not allow herself to become what her parents were, and that her relationship with her daughter is going to be different from her relationship with her own mother. She is going to break the chain. Also a pretty cool concept. If you had great parents you don’t need to worry about this as much, but I think it would be pretty helpful to understand this if you came from a less-than-ideal background.

Her other thing is ” noise.” She says everyone has it. Childhood noise, exercise noise, food noise, family noise. It’s the stuff that fills our head with doubt and keeps us from getting out of our own way. She explains how to silence that noise and keep moving towards your goals.

Like I said, I just started the book over the weekend, but what I’ve read has been insanely interesting and surprisingly helpful. The book is a little pricey because it’s a hardcover (it’s 27 bucks I think) but it is SO WORTH IT! Think about it, it’s cheaper than therapy, and it’ll make you feel so happy and inspired!

When I review books/movies, I rate based on the Dolce (my boy dog with a girl’s name who is just a LITTTLE slow but very cute) system. 1 Dolce= It sucked 2 Dolces= It was decent 3 Dolces= It was really good 4 Dolces= it was as good as it could be. Amazing.

A Place of Yes gets 4 Dolces! That’s right, FOUR! It was that good.

Have you read the book yet? If you did, what did you think? If not, are you going to check it out? Click here to check out what else I want to read this spring/summer.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to read this book ever since seeing Bethenny Ever After — I’m so glad to see you liked it! I will definitely give it a try.


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