I Can't Stop Listening to….

I’m rediscovering Kings of Leon for some reason, particularly their album “Only By the Night.” When the album first came out I was too focused on “Use Somebody”, ” Sex On Fire” and “Revelry’ to really appreciate this song, but now I love it. Many thanks to C for pointing out how good the lyrics are because you never actually hear the word “Manhattan,” but the lyrics are built around the idea of it. This makes me like the song even more.  I wanted you to be able to read the lyrics, which is why I chose to post this slightly-ghetto YouTube video. I didn’t notice the lyrics/song title thing for a while because it took me three full listen-throughs to understand what he’s saying. It’s okay. He’s marrying a Victoria’s Secret model. He doesn’t need to enunciate. Hope you have a great day! Longer post to follow.


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