My First Office Birthday

I know I’m going a little post-crazy today, but I probably won’t be posting much tomorrow since TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! WOO! Anyway, I wanted to make sure I got all my thoughts out today.

When you think about your ideal birthday, you probably don’t imagine going to work, right? My birthday is tomorrow. It’s a Tuesday. That means I will spend the majority of my birthday at my office. Yet I am really excited. This is because my office is full of characters and fun birthday traditions. We don’t really have a party-planning committee like on the show The Office, yet it’s almost as good. I’m looking forward to experiencing everything that an office birthday has to offer.

When it’s your birthday, you get a card signed by everyone in the office.  I think this will be a really fun thing to have waiting in my mailbox tomorrow morning. However when it’s NOT your birthday and you constantly have to sign birthday cards, it gets rather taxing. In fact, people complain about it rather frequently. Our poor receptionist, Mary, tries so hard to make sure that everyone signs everyone’s birthday card so no one feels left out. She will page you and make you come out front to sign the card. She will e-mail you and ask you to sign the birthday boy/girl’s card. She will stop you on your way to the bathroom and ask you to sign the card. She will do everything short of jumping in front of your car, all to ensure that the birthday boy/girl has a card full of love and signatures and doesn’t feel underappreciated. It really is very sweet.

Last week, I got copied on an e-mail that I clearly wasn’t supposed to see. It was from Mary.  It basically said this: Mary knows that everyone gets annoyed with having to sign all these birthday cards all the time. To make it less annoying, she has all the May birthday cards up at the front desk so you can just sign them all at once and get it over with. It said that everyone in the e-mail really should sign them in the next day or so, so she can stop harassing them about getting everyone’s cards signed. Pretty funny, right? I’ve been informed that Mary picked out my birthday card LAST year when I first started working here. Other people keep talking about how funny it is. Basically, this card has a lot of hype to live up to, so I’m excited to see what it could possibly be. 

Maybe it includes a cake that someone exciting will jump out of. Who would I want to have jump out of the cake? David Beckham, perhaps? John Krasinski? Yeah, definitely John Krasinski. He’d definitely be comfortable in an office setting so I could hang out with him, but wouldn’t have to babysit him all day. That would be a great birthday card.

The other great thing about birthdays in the office is the treats. One of my co-workers is an amazing baker, so she always makes a bunch of treats to celebrate all of the office birthdays for that particular month. Then there’s a little sign in front of the treats that say: ” MAY BIRTHDAYS:” and it lists all of them off. Mine had my birthday listed as May 25th and it was crossed out and said May 24th. It’s okay. I’m a very forgiving soul. That’s why I was very surprised when I didn’t get raptured. Oh well.

Anyway, the May birthday treat was DELICIOUS, AMAZING, SPECTACULAR! It looked like this:

This picture doesn’t do it justice. It was an Oreo Cheesecake Truffle. SO YUMMY. I normally don’t partake in the birthday treats, but this month I indulged since I am the (almost) birthday girl. It was well worth it.

I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings. After work, C and I are going to my mom and dad’s to have dinner and birthday cake (funfetti cake with pink frosting, of course) with the rents and their/my two pups. It should be a nice, low-key birthday!

Hope you guys are having a lovely Monday so far.

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