Birthday Update

I had an absolutely great birthday, and I’m really lucky. It  definitely wasn’t like any birthday I’ve had in the past. It was a lot more low-key and mature. And I didn’t wear a tiara, which I usually do. I mean I was at work so I guess that would have been a little weird. But it was great.

I went to lunch with my dad and C at this new (to me) really delicious place. For dinner, C and I went to my parents house where my mom cooked a big meal for me. I requested turkey and then a funfetti cake with pink frosting for dessert. I’ve been requesting the same cake since I was a little kid and I will probably always want a funfetti cake. My dad loves ice cream cake and kept trying to use reverse psychology to get me to say I actually wanted ice cream cake, but I wasn’t fooled. I am a 23-year-old woman. I know what I want. And it is not ice cream cake. I don’t even like ice cream cake that much. Funfetti cake FTW.  So delicious. The parentals got me an XBox Kinect (which I really wanted) so I was pumped about that. They also got me a few smaller things. C got me a Build-A-Bear, which is so adorable.

See, I’ve always wanted one and had mentioned it one time in passing when we were at the mall so I absolutely freaked out when I saw it. He got him all these cute little outfits too. I die every time I look at him. So cute.

He also got me Chelsea Handler’s new book, so I can check that off my summer reading list ,and he got me a Kinect game since he knew my parents were getting the system/senor/whatever you call it for me. We spent a lot of the evening playing beach volleyball and ping pong. I’d heard the Kinect is hard to get used to, but I didn’t think so at all. We caught on right away and both LOVED it. I was actually legitimately sweaty when we were done playing, which was part of the reason I wanted it. I think it’s another good way to get some exercise in and not be stuck going crazy in a gym. I like doing the elliptical or treadmill once, MAYBE twice a week. I need to find other ways to get legitimate cardio in. I really want to try the Zumba game and a few of the other dance games, so I think those will be my next purchases. Great birthday request on my part, and I’m so happy my parents got it for me.

It was really nice to hear from friends on Facebook/the phone/Twitter, and it was also really cool to catch up with people I haven’t talked to in a while. Overall, the birthday was great.

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