The Search for the Perfect Scent: An Update

About two months ago, I told you I was on a quest to find my new favorite perfume. I’ve been wearing Polo Ralph Lauren Blue for years and they’ve basically stopped making it so it’s impossible to find. Plus I just decided it was time for a change. I’ve been searching high and low, but I’m picky so it’s making the search difficult. Also, I refuse to wear a celebrity’s perfume. It doesn’t matter how much I love the celebrity, I won’t do it. I LOVE Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry, but you won’t catch me wearing their perfume. Something about it just seems weird to me. Because I think scent is so important, I also used to refuse to wear a really mainstream perfume. I didn’t want to smell like everyone else! I’ve loosened up on that now though, because I’ve realized that the same scent can smell totally different on two different people.  Anyway, I think I’ve made at least a bit of progress in the search. Yesterday, I was at Lord and Taylor when I discovered three scents I loved: Eau Mega by Viktor and Rolf, Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf and Burberry Brit Sheer.

I had heard about Flowerbomb so I really wanted to try that, and was happy to discover Eau Mega. Eau Mega is so fresh and clean and light. I cannot STAND powdery, heavy scents. I love grandmas, but if a scent smells vaguely grandma-esque it is not for me. These three scents were all a little soapy, very light and clean, and also a little floral. Right up my alley. I got little testers of the Viktor and Rolf scents so I could try them out, which is so important. I’ve found so many scents that smell great at first, but after they start to wear off your skin a bit they either smell different or just disappear.

Let me give you the breakdown of the two Viktor and Rolf Scents I tested:

Eau Mega: This is Viktor and Rolf’s newest scent, according to the lady at the counter. The Eau Mega perfume smelled AMAZING for most of the day yesterday. I was literally obsessed. I really do believe in the power of scent, and this one had me in a good mood all day.  But I was disappointed to find that it had mostly worn off by the time I got home at about 6:45 yesterday evening. I put it on at about 8:15 am. That’s a pretty long wear, but my Ralph Lauren Blue lasted forever (it would literally last overnight) so I wasn’t used to a scent wearing off.  This makes me conflicted. Had the scent lasted longer, I would have gone and bought it tonight. It smelled amazing and is the type of scent you could wear day or night. Yet the lack of staying power makes me wonder whether it’s worth the money. That’s the other issue. It’s somewhere around $100 for 1.5 ounces or some tiny amount. I don’t know whether this stuff is made of gold or what, but it’s pricey. My other scent was roughly $65 bucks. I am not used to dropping tons of money on a scent. However when Flowerbomb first came out, they only had one or two different sized bottles and it was super expensive. Now they have a bunch of different sizes (they even have a hair spritzer) and you can get a little bottle for only $25. Maybe this will happen after a little while with the Eau Mega scent too. Summary: Confused! I’m going to wear it again tomorrow and see if it lasts longer. I LOVE the actual scent, but with the lack of staying power and the high price, I’m not sure if it’s worth it. I might wait a bit and see if the price goes down.

Flower Bomb: I want to love this one because it’s gotten such great reviews and is much cheaper than Eau Mega but….I don’t. I like it a lot, but I am not in love.  First of all, the tester is really hard to apply. It’s not a spritzer, it’s a little wand that you dip in the scent. It’s hard to open and I think it makes it hard to actually get the scent on your skin. After a few hours I couldn’t smell anything on my skin anymore. I  really like the scent itself, but not as much as I like the Eau Mega. Summary: Maybe. Despite these thoughts, I actually might buy the roller ball since it’s only $25 at Sephora. Also, I need to buy more bronzer/blush and I need to cash in on my free birthday reward (it’s a body wash that smells like birthday cake). Funny how they make you buy something to get your own birthday gift. Okay, so then I guess it’s not really free. Only Sephora. I do like the scent and I wonder if it would stay on longer with a better applicator.

I need to go back and see if I can get a tester of Burberry Brit Sheer so I can see how that one lasts and smells throughout the whole day. The lady at the counter suggested I try the Coach fragrances. What do you guys think? Based on the reviews online I think they might be a little bit too heavy for me.

Do you guys have a scent that you think I should try? 

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