What Did You Do At Work? I Identified A Criminal

I knew work was going to be exciting when there was a police officer sitting in our lobby before 10 a.m. Remember when I told you our parking lot was a haven for break-ins and neighborhood criminals? Well yesterday I witnessed that first-hand. Here’s how it went down, including the part where I ID’d a criminal (or at least a guy with a bunch of priors). I’m pretty proud of myself.

Oh, before I continue with the story you should know that there is a construction site behind our parking lot so there is often construction workers coming and going. So anyway, C arrives at work. When he pulls into his spot there is an unidentified man nearby, sorting through a big bag. Again, not totally weird because of the construction thing. When Chris gets out of his car, the guy says, ” Hey, dude. I need to use your phone.” UM, what? No. Chris says no and hurries inside. I am about five minutes behind him, so I’m still driving to work at this time. He tries to call me 50 times to warn me about this Sketch McGretch but (like the law-abiding citizen I am) I don’t use my phone while driving, so I missed the calls. Therefore, this man is there to greet me when I pull into my spot.

Could someone please explain this photo to me? No? Okay.

Despite my constant state of paranoia, I’m a little slow on the uptake, because I thought this dude was a construction worker at first. Then I noticed he was rummaging through a large bag, and kept pretending to SLOWWWLYY tie his shoes while he actually watched me to see when I got out of the car. Once I picked up on this, I quickly flew backwards out of my spot and pulled into a spot around the other side of the building. As I did this, the guy took off. I ran inside and told our office manager/everyone I work with.

THEN the sketch case came back about ten minutes later, in a large SUV, with some woman. They backed the SUV into the entrance of our parking lot, opened up the trunk, and started loading huge bags of what appeared to be copper wire (apparently this is valuable, who knew) into the trunk. Um…WHAT? Our office manager and a few other employees went out to ask the people what they were doing, at which point they got all flustered, made up some bizarre story and drove away.

We got the license plate, so we called the cops. Our own personal cop (seriously, he’s here all the time because of break-ins) came down to file a report. Everyone was able to describe the people fairly well, but I was so close to the man that I knew extra details about him. As soon as I described the type of hat he was wearing AND the weird scar he had, the cop knew him by name! Apparently he is a neighbor drug dealer and breaks into cars, sells stolen goods, all of that fun stuff. Cool, right? I mean definitely not cool, but cool that I helped ID him.

They’re going to see if the construction site is missing copper wire, and take it from there. But now they know the woman, know where she lives (based on insurance info with the car) and can connect that woman to this guy. I feel like I’ve done my part in stopping crime. Someone get me a cape and a mask.

How did YOU spend your Wednesday?

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