The Spray Tan Experiment Continues

The other day I bought a package of three spray tan sessions. It was a lot cheaper than buying them individually, and I was pretty happy with my first spray tan sesh. Besides the orange wrists. You live and you learn, right? Of course when I went to use the package, the Mystic Tan machine was broken. They assured me I could just pop right on over to their other location and use their Mystic Tan machine. They didn’t know the exact location of their other salon (um…) but I had a nav system and some serious determination, so I headed over there. I knew the road it was on and didn’t think it was far. Turns out that road is VERY long and the salon was 20 minutes away. It also turns out that when I got there, there was an hour wait for the Mystic Tan booth. Yes, I know I should have called ahead. Needless to say, I did not spray tan that day.

Anyway, yesterday I finally went to use my Mystic Tan package. If you remember from the beginning of my experiment, I was terrified to go with anything other than the second lightest shade. Well this time I went with the next shade darker, so this time I did shade #3 out of 4 (4 being the darkest).  I’m so glad I did. I look really tan, but not in an orange way!

My father, bless his heart, never notices anything. At all. Literally I could get a mohawk and he would stop, look a bit confused, and then continue on with our conversation. Yet when I walked in to work today, he noticed my tan!

There were a few casualties of course. Like last time, my palms were a little orange. Not NEARLY as bad as they were last time. I think if I use my sugar scrub to exfoliate tonight I should be okay. The worst casualty of them all:

So…yeah…apparently I forgot to put the barrier cream on my feet, which is why you can see the imprint of the foot thing you stand on as the machine sprays you down. Sexy. Luckily you don’t really go around showing people the bottoms of your feet or else I would be pretty sad right now. It’s a little bit funny though. Actually a lot funny.

Besides the hand/feet thing, the spray tan was a huge success. I got a lot more color than last time. And I didn’t get melanoma. Huge plus. People keep commenting on my golden glow (as opposed to my normal pastiness), whereas last time no one really noticed (sadsies).  I’ll take some pictures tonight/this weekend but I wanted to get this post up.

*Note: If you’re going to spray tan, EXFOLIATE! That is so important. Shave, exfoliate and moisturize. And don’t wear any perfume and make-up when you go to get sprayed. Just some friendly tips*

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