A New Approach to Vacations

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Greetings, earthlings! I haven’t posted in a few days and I feel so out of touch! This weekend, Chris and I took advantage of a bonus day off and spent some time in New York City

A lot of our friends from college live there, so we spent a little bit of time sightseeing and seeing a few of them.  While we were there we hit up the MoMA and pretended to appreciate the art while actually trying not to laugh (some of it was out there, what can I say?), we saw my friend from college at work at WCBS 880 (it was awesome) and got to see where the CBS Evening News takes place. We went out to dinner with my friend and met her boyfriend, and we went to a bar on the rooftop of a building that was just a block or two away from the Empire State Building. The view was breathtaking, needless to say. And the bathrooms were like airplane bathrooms, which was funny. Except I hate airplane bathrooms, so it wasn’t that funny. Anyway.

I didn’t even realize how much I needed the trip until we were driving back. I just felt so good and relaxed. Normally New York City is not my idea of a vacation. In fact, some parts of that city seem like hell on earth. But this weekend actually felt like a mini-vacation. Getting to see friends, even if I didn’t get to see everyone I would have liked to, was so amazingly nice and refreshing.

This weekend made me realize that I might need to alter the way I think about vacations. I used to think vacation = beach, sand, pina colada, hot weather, tan. That is definitely still true, but I think at this stage in my life, vacation can also be when you get to go see your friends wherever they’re living. When you graduate college, chances are your friends are living in various cities across the country.  If you’re able to take time to travel and go see them, I think that’s almost more valuable than saving your pennies to go to Mexico for a week. I’ll be honest, C and I are saving to go on a big trip too, but these little catch-up sessions with people who matter are so insanely important. I wish I was independently wealthy/an heiress and could go on trips to Mexico and also travel all over the country seeing friends. Damn you, Paris Hilton.

One of the greatest shows ever

Okay, this is starting to sound like the end of a “Wonder Years” episode, you know how they give you little nuggets of wisdom in emotional sound bites? I do love “The Wonder Years”, but Winnie Cooper I am not (unfortch). The point is, I had a great weekend and really enjoyed seeing friends. Happy times all around.


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