The Best Weekend of TV Ever is Almost Here!

June 12th is a very, VERY important date for me. Yes it’s the weekend of my boyfriend’s cousin’s wedding. Yes it’s the weekend before I fly to Chicago to see one of my best friends and my cousin. Yes it’s two weeks before one of my friends from middle/high school gets married. But the real reason it’s important? Drum roll please. ::insert Michael Scott overly extended drum roll here::

On June 12th the E! Network is bringing serious magic to my television set, and I am so excited I can’t even wait.

Love these ladies

At 10 pm The Kardashian clan, in its entirety, FINALLY returns to the E! Network! WAHOO! Don’t get me wrong, I loved Kourtney and Kim take New York. I greatly enjoyed Khloe and Lamar. But NOTHING can compare to the awesomeness that ensues when the whole family is together. The way I see it, KKTNY and K+L are like sequels to KUWTK. Sequels are great and very enjoyable. Lots of people watch sequels. But you’d probably rather watch the original, and the original is probably better as a whole than any of the sequels could ever possibly be.

I’m really excited to see Kris’s (Humphries, but Jenner too) role in this season, and I’m excited to catch the engagement on tape! Basically, I can’t wait for this whole season to unfold. I hope they get away from the very-obviously scripted stuff, because KKTNY and K+L both got a little scripted, and part of the amazingness of KUWTK was the feeling that a lot of it was actually happening. I know, I know. It’s reality TV. It’s all scripted. But at least let me believe that some of it is true. Like, come on. In Khloe and Lamar when Rob “gets the girl pregnant” and then she just happens to have a miscarriage? Did anyone believe that? Sure, it was interesting to watch but….somehow I don’t believe that actually happened. If that actually happened I do NOT think Kris Jenner would have been so calm while sitting courtside at the Lakers game. Come on, now. I also like to think that Rob Kardashian is a little smarter about safe sex. Also, Kim has always been my favorite Kardashian (though I now love Khloe and Kourtney a lot as well) so I’m excited for her to have a starring role again, joined by her sisters as equal stars.

At 10:30pm EST you will be able to witness the series premiere of Ice Loves Coco. I wrote about this show earlier, but as it gets closer to the premiere (and I keep seeing the same previews) I get more and more excited. This couple just looks fun and cute and over-the-top, so I’m pumped to see what this show is all about.  The only thing I pray is that they don’t end up with the Reality Show Kiss of Death. Please, Reality Show Gods, don’t let them join the ranks of:

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson and her line of edible body lotions, member that? (RIP)


Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro. Member their wedding invitation that was shot in a morgue? Creepy/ kinda edgy/fit them as a couple (RIP)


Russell and Kimora. We heard way too much about him after this split (RIP)


Say what you want about Coco’s outfits, I love her and Ice as a couple and am excited for this show. I have high hopes that they can break the reality TV show curse.


Like the network always has their stars say, “If it’s Sunday…you KNOW you’re watching E!” And they’re definitely right. Will you guys be watching? What are you most excited about?


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