A Collection of Links to Things That Amuse/Amaze Me

First up is this amazing, underwater honeymoon suite in the Maldives. I’m not entirely sure where the Maldives are, or if this sentence is even grammatically correct. However, I do know that I NEED to go experience this suite. You get to stay in a room as fishies (hopefully no sharkies because they scare me) swim all around you. FREAKIN’ SWEET!

Look, I am not a girl who plans her wedding. I enjoy looking at engagement rings just for fun, but I am not the type to say, ” Yes I want this cut with this type of band and this many carats.” Nor do I know what type of bridal gown I want. I don’t know my mermaid dresses from my ball gowns. Okay, yes I do but…whatever. That’s not the point. The point is I’m not wedding obsessed. I’ve only been to two weddings in my entire life. That will change once this month is over because I have two weddings in two weekends, but the point is that I am wedding-inexperienced. I don’t have a timeline where I must be married by such and such a date. I think getting married very young is a less than wise decision. I wish people who do so the very best, but that is not my plan despite the awesomeness of C. And there is a lot of awesomeness there. Anyway, I do know that this suite WILL BE MINE! Maybe planning the honeymoon is putting the cart before the horse, but so be it.

Of course, my first thought was this: What happens if the damn thing cracks and you drown? The site says it’s only sixteen feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean. That doesn’t sound that deep. You could probably swim to the surface, right? I’m a decent swimmer. Maybe you should just bring a pair of floaties and an oxygen tank with you just to be on the safe side. I always like to be prepared.

I want

So yeah, there’s that. Also, while you’re on the site you should check out the clothes that LuLu’s has. I love their stuff. Anyway…

Then we move to this video of a drunken British man stumbling home in London. I studied abroad there so I know that the whole city is monitored by closed circuit television.

You see signs like this everywhere

When I first got there this fact creeped me out. Eventually I got used to it. Now I’m super glad this is true, because it allows us to have this gem of a video.  I particularly enjoy this comment on the video:

“It’s even more fun if you pretend he’s being chased and pummeled by an invisible ghost.”

He/she is right. It is a lot more fun that way.

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