Should I Take the iPhone Plunge?

Today is a big day, my loves. It all started when I thought I slept through my phone alarm… on two consecutive days. This is very unlike me and I was a little confused. I didn’t think much of it though, and continued about my daily life. I always keep my phone on vibrate, but yesterday I went to show my dad my ringtone because he just got a new phone and wanted me to get him a snazzy ringer.  Instead of playing “The Cave” by Mumford and Sons, like it normally does, my phone played me silence.

“That’s a really quiet ringtone. How do you even hear that?” My father asked.

I stared at him for a minute and then went back to being concerned about my phone. What was the deal, beloved Blackberry Curve? I usually have to get a new phone once a year, and that year usually happens right around my birthday. I guess you could say I was overdue. The phone had been having a few minor problems, but our office computer/phone wizard (who actually looks like Harry Potter) had managed to fix them for me.  As much as I enjoy getting new phones, I hate having to transfer all the files and get my BBM contacts all over again. Yeah, I’m one of those Blackberry people who loves BBM. Bad news, though. This time the Harry Potter guy couldn’t fix the phone. Something was wrong with the sound card and the phone is effed.


Now I need to make a decision about my new phone. I’m a Gemini, so the decision-making process is not my favorite thing in the world. I’m also due for an upgrade, so there are even more decisions to be made. I’m debating between getting another type of Blackberry. Maybe the Tour?

Are you my new phone?

I really do love the Blackberry, and I’m comfortable with these types of phones. I’ve had a Blackberry for six or seven years. I don’t like the Curve very much though. The camera sucks and I constantly butt dial people. It’s also really easy to respond to the wrong person when you’re texting. Not good. I’ve had a lot of other Blackberry phones that I’m really happy with, though, so maybe another model is my new dream phone.

I’m also considering taking the plunge and getting an iPhone. Not much explanation needed here. So many cool apps and features. Amazing camera. I’ve heard wonderful things. Everyone I know who has one is hooked (even former Blackberryites). The only thing for me is the keypad. I don’t know if I really need a keypad. I have an iPad and I do okay with it, but I don’t know if I could function if my phone didn’t have a QWERTY keyboard. I text a LOT and e-mail from my phone a lot so…I’m not sure. Still deciding.

What about you, little guy?


I could also go with the Droid. I haven’t heard as much about this phone, but the people I know who have one are really attached to it. I get the feeling it’s basically like an iPhone, but some versions have a keypad. Maybe this is the compromise I’m looking for. Hmm…..

Are you the perfect phone compromise?


I’m going to go over to Verizon in a little bit, so I’ll update once I bring home my new member of the family. Yes, it’s that important to me.

Any opinions would be much appreciated! Do you have a phone you love? Do you have experience with any of these phones? Help!

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