So Many Things Are Happening!

Okay, FIRST OF ALL I OWN AN IPHONE AND IT’S WHITE AND SO COOL! I would take a picture of it but… I use my phone as my camera so….too much technology. Brain can’t process. It takes me about three hours to send one text message, but I already can tell I’m going to love this phone. I downloaded a bunch of fun apps, including the ever-popular Hipstamatic…is that what it’s called?

Oooh, Aahhh

Anyway, you know what I mean. I feel like an 80-year-old woman with this new-fangled technology. This app is basically every girl’s dream. It makes those pictures you took look cool and extra-pretty. I also downloaded Twitter and Facebook (duh) as well as an app that lets you find good local restaurants (I’m going to be traveling to Chicago this weekend to see my friend and my cousin) and an app that lets you check your flight status (see above parenthesis).  There are so many great apps, and I’m really excited to check more of them out.

C and I were at a wedding all weekend, so that’s why I was a little MIA. It was a great time though. He has a bunch of cousins around his/our age so family functions are always fun.

Last night I stayed up a little late to watch the Kardashians/Ice Loves Coco premieres. Totally worth it.

Had to stay up for this!

Then when I tried to go to sleep, our bed was doing some bizarre creaking thing. Basically this resulted in me getting no sleep. I know I’m not giving a good explanation but I’m tired and my face is breaking out (side note: I’m going to stop getting zits eventually, right? Like before I hit menopause?) Let me try to explain the bed thing further…

I think there was a space between the headboard and the wall, so everytime C or I moved, the bed would jiggle and move and cause an annoying creaking sound. However, for some reason it was nonstop. Like literally all night. I tried to sleep with one arm pushing the bed against the wall but needless to say this didn’t work. So now I look like a dead person. With zits. So hot.

Also, the good part of my job is that I get to use Facebook and Twitter and You Tube. The bad part of my job is when they want me to record a You Tube video. Please look at my face and then try to tell me again that you need me to record a You Tube video. No one wants to look at this right now. My mom is one of the ones telling me to record the video and she said, ” I can’t even see that you have a zit!” No one likes a liar, Mom. For real. Maybe I’ll find a reason why there needs to be a puppet show involved in the video. Yeah, that seems like my best bet. Everyone loves a puppet show.

Anyway, I’m tired and rambling so. There’s that. I’ll write later about Kardashians/Ice Loves Coco and what’s new and exciting with Life with Lauren.

Hope you’re having a terrific Monday, my loves! Oh, and “like” my bloggy on Facebook if you have a minute! You guys are the best.


The Proud New Owner of A White (this seems to be a big deal) iPhone

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