Keeping up with the Kardashians/ Ice Loves Coco Recap

So I’m going to keep this brief because it’s a few days late, but I wanted to give my analysis of these shows’ premieres.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Amusing as always. I wish it was an hour instead of half an hour, but such is life. Basically the girls were fighting with Kris because she was putting business over family time and would only come to functions if they were work-related. To remedy this, Kourtney and Khloe schedule a meeting with Kris and then don’t show up. Then they call her pretending to be their new secretaries. They talk in bizarre accents. Kris believes it the first time and I laugh. Even I’m not that gullible.

Found this pic. Look how different they look!

The other issue is that Khloe still has pictures of Kim and her exes in the house, and Kim is upset about this. Khloe says as soon as Kim and Kris get serious then she will put their picture up. A fight ensues. Khloe dramatically throws the pictures away and Kim storms off. In the next scene they make up. Aww. Khloe probably feels REALLY awkward about that whole thing now that Kris and Kim are engaged. Oh well.

Oh yeah…the “number of times someone calls Khloe by the wrong name” count is officially at 1 (Kris’s new assistant calls her Kourtney). Come on now. Get it right.

We also got to see a little bit of the Kim/Kris relationship. They seem cute together. I even liked it when they burped in each other’s faces. That’s what real people do. Wait, you and your significant other don’t do that? Okay, well anyway…that’s what some of us gross people do so it was nice to see them being down-to-earth. Like I said before, I’m really happy for her and he seems like a great guy. Should be fun to add that dynamic to the Kardashian family.

They look really different in this one too! They've all gotten super glam now

The previews for upcoming eps looked QUITE intense, did anyone notice that? Apparently Rob is a jerk and yells at Kim, and then we have Kim screaming ” I HATE LAMAR!” Excuse me. No one hates Lam Lam. I’m sure when we watch the actual episode it will be because of a staged fight in a club caused by some random stranger whose face is blurred, and then they have a tearful reconciliation (a la the fight where Scott defended Kim’s honor after some ho threw a drink on her and Kourt got  mad in KKTNY). Nonetheless it should be interesting to watch.

I hate how these previews always imply things are going to happen when you know they’re not, but you still want to see how the situations pan out anyway. Example: The previews imply Kourtney is pregs again. In basically every interview she gives she says she’s waiting to have more kids, yet I still want to see the whole episode to see what’s going on. Damn you, Kardashians. Damn you, and your good teases.

Ice Loves Coco: Due to a DVR malfunction I missed the first ten minutes of this show. That said, I still think I got a pretty good feel for the whole thing. Basically, it reminded me a lot of Kendra’s show on E! This means that it was totally scripted yet still amusing. Part of the reason why KUWTK was so superior (not as much anymore) was that it never seemed totally, completely scripted. It’s moving away from that a little bit, but it still does have a more realistic feel. Ice Loves Coco….not as much. Still a good and entertaining show, but the Kardashians it is not.

The show consisted of Coco getting asked to do bridal modeling. At first the shoot is going horribly because she isn’t bringing the “Coco” factor and is trying to be too vanilla. As we go to break we are supposed to wonder if the shoot will get canceled. Will Coco get fired? Will the whole shoot be a disaster? If you watch enough reality TV, you know that after the break Coco will bring the “Coco” and the photog will love it and life will be good. This is exactly what happens.

The show also consists of them starting to plan their 10-year anniversary which includes  a vow renewal ceremony, since Coco never got a big fancy wedding the first time around. Say what you want about them, but they’ve been together a LONG TIME and they’re cute together. So there. Also featured was Ice and Coco’s bulldog, Sparatcus. Coco tries to get Spartacus a dog agent, but he’s too unruly so the agent rejects him. Sadsies.

Basically, the show probably won’t change the history of reality TV. But it’s still amusing.

Did you guys watch these episodes? What’d you think? Will you keep watching KUWTK? How about Ice Loves Coco?

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