I've Got A Crush on You. I Hope You Feel The Way That I Do

I spent this past weekend in Chicago. This was my first time really visiting the city, and after my trip I’d like dedicate to the pop classic “Crush” by Mandy Moore to the Windy City. Yes, I’ve got a crush on Chicago. And it’s a serious one. I will admit that I’m a homebody. I like my bed. I like knowing where I’m going. I like having all my stuff whenever I need it. Because of this, usually after a weekend visiting friends I’m very sad to leave them but happy to return to the comforts of home. Leaving my cousin and one of my best friends from college and the city of Chicago this weekend, though? Yeah, that was different. I was BUMMED.

Chicago just felt RIGHT to me. It felt like when you begin dating a really great guy. You may have been dating for just a few weeks, but it just feels GOOD. You understand each other and work well together. Okay, I’m being dramatic but it’s true. The people of Chicago were SO freakin’ nice. You can walk almost everywhere you need to go, and it wasn’t too hot ( I hate the heat). There was something fun and different to do every night. The pizza was amazing. I have such a weakness for pizza, so this was huge. The “L” (their version of the subway) was easy to use and no one tried to trample you on it. You’re right on a lake and there’s a beach. There are beautiful parks and gorgeous statues and architecture. There are skyscrapers. There are chain restaurants and grocery stores, and cute little local ones. See where I’m going with this?

We did a lot while I was in Chicago. We went to Whole Foods (nothing less than amazing). We went over to Millennium Park and saw a free concert. We basically just walked all around the grounds at Millennium Park. So beautiful. We saw the cool fountain with a person’s face on it that moves and looks like it’s spitting (pictured behind us).

I look evil. It's fine

That’s one of my best friends from college, Lanie. She is the bomb.com. While we were in Millennium Park we saw the famous Bean. Is that what’s it called? Just the Bean? Well anyway it was amazing and I took a million pictures of it. The Hipstamatic app on the iPhone made it look really cool:


Took this one in Millennium Park too:

My cousin, dad and I also went to a Cubs game! It was seriously SO MUCH FUN!

Wrigley Field is one of the classic ball parks, so it was so cool to catch a game. Pops and I are both Yankees fans so watching the Cubbies vs. the Spankees was pretty amazing. We were hoping to be there to watch Derek Jeter get his 3,000th hit but…poor Jetes is on the Disabled List so no such luck. It was still a great time though.

We also got to see Mariano Rivera close out the game, so that was pretty cool. I always love seeing Mo and had never seen him on the road before. Here’s a shot of that:

This picture isn’t fab, but our seats were actually really good AND they were under cover. Pops always thinks of my heat intolerance. He wanted us to be under cover in case it rained/was 100 degrees. He’s the best.

Other trip highlights included going to Second City to see an improv comedy show. Second City is a Chicago classic. It’s basically the minor leagues for all the SNL comedians, so it was pretty awesome to go there. Apparently Tina Fey talks a lot about it in her new book. We saw one of the more amateur hour shows (hey, I’m not made of money) but it was still really good. We also went to the most amazing frozen yogurt place. It’s the little things, I know. Basically you pour as much frozen yogurt as you want in a cup and they have this huge toppings bar. You put as many different toppings as you want on it, and then they weigh it for you. I got an obscene amount of fruit and chocolate on my vat of yogurt and the whole thing was six bucks. Pretty sweet. I’m glad we don’t have one of these near me because it would be lethal.

My dad was there for part of the trip too (mostly for business) but it was nice because we got to go to the game and dinner together (with my cousin, his niece) and we were together on Father’s Day.

So basically, I love Chicago. And I hope to be back very, very soon. Have you guys ever been? Any other cities you love that I should check out?


Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

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