About the Death of Ryan Dunn

TMZ is reporting that Ryan Dunn (of Jackass fame) had a BAC of .196 when he died in a terrible car accident that also killed his passenger. In case you didn’t hear about this, Ryan is said to have driven his Porsche off the road at 130 mph eventually hitting a tree, sending the car bursting into flames. If you want the full story, click here. They’re saying official toxicology reports won’t be in for 4-6 weeks but apparently initial reports are the ones saying that he had the BAC of .196. In PA the legal limit is .08

Roger Ebert just ignited a huge controversy when he Tweeted, “Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive” or something similar. I don’t want to make this controversial, but this issue struck a chord with me.

Look, I know people who have gotten DWIs. They’re good people and they never meant to hurt anyone. I’m not saying Ryan Dunn is the devil and had no regard for life. With that said, he also had enough money to drive a Porsche. If you have enough money to drive a fancy car, you should have enough money to pay for a cab. Even if you don’t have enough money to drive a Porsche (which I don’t), you should find some other way to get home. Take a cab. Take the bus. Call a friend. Call your brother. Call your friend’s brother. Call your mom. Call my mom. I’m serious. She has always said she would pick me up no matter where or what hour, that’s how much she didn’t want me to drink and drive or get in the car with someone who had been drinking.

Also, look out for your friends! Ryan’s friends claimed that he didn’t appear to be that drunk the night of the accident. I know it’s sometimes hard to tell him intoxicated someone actually is, but just…watch out for your friends. How are they getting home? Also, who are they going home with? Are they leaving with someone sketchy? When did they leave? Where did they go? What were/are they doing? It makes me think of the Indiana University student, Lauren Spierer, who seemingly disappeared into thin air after walking home alone at 4 am. I know it’s easy to get caught up in your own night and lose track of people, but Ryan Dunn’s death and Lauren’s disappearance have made me think that we really need to just look out for our friends more. Maybe if we do, events like this can be prevented.

Also, for God’s sake, take a cab. I’m serious.

Thanks for reading my speech, guys.

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  1. What I can’t figure out is — is the bar responsible at all for this? Clearly, they should not have let him leave in his own car. They had to have known how drunk he was. I can’t believe ANYONE would let him get in a car.

    • I was thinking about this too! I wonder if this will become a lawsuit. How could they let a very drunk person a.) get more alcohol and b.) drive home on his own? Very irresponsible on the part of the bartender/bar owner. I can’t believe between the bartender, bouncer and friends Ryan was with, NO ONE stopped him. Very, very sad.

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