Going All Wedding Crashers

The June World Tour continues! This weekend C and I will be heading to my first Friend Wedding. A friend from middle school/high school will be getting married tomorrow! It’s pretty crazy, right? Before last weekend I had been to two weddings in my entire life. This is my first non-family wedding and it will also be the first wedding where I don’t know anyone (I don’t think?) except for my date.

This wedding is different from the ones I’ve been to in the past. From my understanding, we’ve got the ceremony and then the reception is hors dourves (or however you spell it, why can’t we just call it snackies?) and drinks. No formal sit-down dinner. It’s a semi-destination wedding (it’s on Alexandria Bay) okay, it’s not like Jamaica or anything, but close enough. I’m really excited to go. I’ve never seen Alexandria Bay (which is in the Thousand Islands) and I’ve heard it’s BEAUTIFUL! I’m a little nervous about us not knowing anyone though. Anyone have any tips about that?

I think it’d be a little easier if we were going to be seated at a table, because then you just naturally make conversation with the people around you. Although, in the end, it might be better this way because we’ll be more free to roam and talk to people. Less pressure to force conversation with whoever we’re seated next to. Right? How would you handle yourself in this situation, my loves? I guess it’s just like a business function where you don’t know many people. You just wander around with your drinks and casually chat up people. But when I think about it, I’ve never been at a function where I literally only know one other person. EEK! Scary berries! I’ll know the bride, of course, but she’ll be so busy because it’s her day.

I’m SO GLAD I’ll have C with me. If I was the lone soldier, there would have been some serious anxiety going on. For a while I wasn’t going to have a plus one. It’s a long story, but originally I was in the bridal party and now I’m going as a regular guest and because of that I’m able to bring a date. This weekend will definitely help me practice my networking skills, which is good. It’s also convenient because next week I’m going to a conference where lots of networking will need to happen, so this will be useful.

At this wedding, C and I kind of want to be all Wedding Crashers and make up fake occupations. Hey, for all the other guests know we could be dog therapists and professional mannequin dressers. Maybe we really are gourmet pizza designers or jelly bean taste testers! I don’t know if I’m brave enough to actually go through with this, but it’s funny to talk about.

Any tips for going into a situation where you don’t know anyone? Wedding etiquette I need to know about? Should we do the wedding crashers thing? If so, what should our bizarre jobs be?

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