Lindsay Lohan is Ridiculous

Okay, I’m on C’s computer and I don’t know how to do a print screen but I NEEDED to post about this. Seriously. How ridiculous is Lindsay Lohan? She is under house arrest, yet she has parties and is getting paid to have sponsored tweets. WTF!? This cannot be for real. Will someone please just throw her in jail where she belongs? Any other person would probably (hopefully) be spending many years in prison after doing all the stupid, dangerous things she’s done! She has driven drunk countless times, wasted all her money, wasted all her talent,  flashed her naked lady bits,  done drugs, stolen stuff, and dropped out of rehab numerous times. She shouldn’t get special treatment because she’s a “celebrity” (I use that term loosely).  She DEFINITELY does not deserve to spend her “prison sentence” in her lovely mansion getting paid thousands of dollars to tweet ridiculosity such as this:


Have you guys seen food and gas prices lately? U.S. $ will soon be worthless if the Fed keeps printing money! #ad


Not a joke, the above sentence is what she just tweeted.

Is she serious?


A.) Why in the world would she be tweeting that sentence? B.) Would anyone ever take financial advice from Lindsay Lohan? No C.) WHY is she getting paid for her tweets? She hasn’t had a good movie since Freaky Friday, she’s most famous for drunk driving and her enablers who let her drug problem go untreated. Why do we reward this behavior!? We’re basically saying, “Yes, it’s okay to put yourself and others in danger when you drive drunk. Yes, doing cocaine is socially acceptable. No problemo!”

She had so much talent and she was surrounded by people who let it go to waste. She, herself, let it go to waste.  She clearly has an insane ego, a problem with addiction, and a lack of work ethic. She’s also slightly delusional. There is no way any of this is right.

Anyway, I saw that and just could not believe what I was reading. Like, seriously? She’s tweeting about the federal government? It’s one thing to have celebrities tweet about self-tanners or perfume or food that they supposedly “love.”  It’s another thing to have them tweet a ridiculous statement like that. Especially Lindsay Lohan of all people. I also just think she shouldn’t be allowed to be getting paid to tweet while she’s under house arrest and should actually probably be in jail!


Phew. Glad I said that. What do you guys think?

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