My Version of the Royal Wedding (Okay, Not Mine…My Friend's, But Still Cool)

So I officially have my first married friend, you guys! Crazy, right? The wedding was absolutely beautiful. But before I get to that, I need to tell you about the events leading up to the wedding. It’s days like this that make me really sad I don’t have a reality show. Such great material gone to waste, really. Okay, so let me say that I tried to book a hotel for this wedding literally months in advance. I seriously could not get a room anywhere. I finally found one and was so relieved that I just booked it. I was so happy that we wouldn’t have to drive down and back in one day. Although the drive was pretty (as you can see below), it was long and I wanted us to be able to drink at the reception:

The place we were staying was a motel, which made me nervous, but I decided to leave my diva ways behind and go for it. HUGE MISTAKE! In the end it ended up being funny, but this place was seriously like the Bates Motel from Psycho. Also, it was Biker Weekend in Alexandria Bay which meant that literally hundreds upon hundreds of bikers were invading the whole town. We had to park a few blocks away from our motel (which defeats the purpose of a motel aka being able to park in front of your room) because there were so many Harleys everywhere. As we walked up to our room, we were literally climbing over cans of Bud and walking past people in leather jackets and chaps. Not a joke.

I only took one picture of our gorgeous accommodations because I was too busy freaking out about the insects I found in our room, other people’s hairs I found in the shower, and lack of shampoo or soap provided for us. I am an obsessive shower. I usually shower twice a day and ALWAYS wash my hair at least once. Not having soap or shampoo was going to be an issue. Luckily my inner OCD girl had packed a bar of soap when I went to Chicago and it was still in my toiletry bag. We were able to shower and just sucked it up and didn’t wash our hair. C didn’t care, but this freaked me out. Especially now that I have bangs, because bangs show no mercy in terms of hiding grease. This is the picture I took to send to my mom to see if she would advise staying or going.

Please compare this with the Bates Motel:


Couldn’t you see the inside of the room matching the exterior of the hotel above? I wish I took a picture of the outside. I could just get you one from Google Images, but I don’t want to totally defame this place. The best part is that it was $265 for two nights, and there was a two night minimum! We ended up leaving after just one night because we didn’t end up getting drunk at the wedding and were not anxious to stay another night there. Also, because of Biker Weekend we didn’t sleep because the bikers were zooming by loudly at all hours of the night. Now we can laugh about it, but I was not pleased at the time. Look, I went to sleep away camp once. I’m not trying to do it again. I’m 23 now. I’m too old for this nonsense. Oh, I almost forgot the best part! We had to be at the boat really early to get to the castle. Because of this, C and I stopped at a convenience store to get granola bars for breakfast. It was hilarious. We walked there in a dress and a full suit. Everyone else was in cut-off shorts and tank tops or biker attire. Needless to say we got a few stares. I took this picture of C in his ensemble in front of the store:

He looks good, right?

Anyway, on to the fun part of the trip. We took a boat ride out to the castle where my friend was getting married. It was an hour and a half boat ride, which I was not expecting. I started to feel like Gilligan’s Island (“a THREEEE hour tour. A THREEEE hour tour”) but the scenery was absolutely gorgeous. Castles everywhere and little houses tucked away on their own private islands. Beautiful water and trees. I loved it! I had no idea this place even existed, so it was really nice to get a chance to see all of it.

Also, remember how I was freaking out about not knowing anyone? Well, literally as soon as we got on the boat I saw a girl I used to be close with in middle school and who I went to high school with. She was always really sweet but we weren’t close in high school (my class was really big). She was there with her fiance, so C and I hung out with them all day. He was a really great guy and he and C got along well. It was really nice to have them there, and it was nice to catch up with her again. It kind of ruined the whole Wedding Crashers plan, but it was worth it. I always find it interesting how different things are now that I’m five years out of high school. I felt like in high school you were so tied to your group of friends. You didn’t socialize outside of your clique much. Now it’s so much easier to see someone you went to school with and talk to them. I love that. Yay for maturity and adulthood. Anyone else feel that way, or was that just my school? I know my school had a reputation for being cliquey.

So we got to the castle where the ceremony/reception took place. It looked like this:

How gorgeous is this? SO Kate Middleton!

I did a great job of cutting off the top of the castle in my picture, but I was trying to walk up a really steep, gravely driveway in stilettos so…I tried. Sorry. Anyway, how beautiful is this? It was built in the 1900s and still has all the old furniture/decorations in tact. After the ceremony, we went on a tour of the castle and the grounds. It was so awesome! The place was full of secret passages that the servants used to travel through. Pretty crazy, right? Every part of the castle had so much detail.

The ceremony was so beautiful. Definitely how I’d like my wedding to be (at some point in the future). I feel like many weddings feel very old-fashioned and stuffy, but this one was modern and elegant. Lots of focus on classical music and the couple, not too religious and not too focused on the Bible. They had friends doing readings, which I really liked. The walkway was covered in rose petals, which was a nice touch. They stood under a rose-covered archway.


See how green and gorgeous everything is? I loved it! The reception was really nice. It was a small wedding so it felt intimate. There wasn’t a dance floor since we were outside, but they had tables and beer and wine and a little buffet. Very fun. It wasn’t too long because we all had to get on one boat to go back to the mainland ( I guess you could call it).


Excuse our grease. We hadn't washed our hair that day since our hotel had no shampoo. Yuck.


Here’s another (less greasy) random one of C and me that I really like. Gotta love that Hipstamatic app:


Overall, it was a great time. I had never been to an outdoor wedding before, and I loved it. I was so happy the weather held. It was a beautiful day!


Hope you guys had a lovely weekend! I think my traveling will be over (at least for a little while) so I’ll be able to post regularly over the weekends too. Thanks for being patient. Hey, while you’re here… check out my latest for Love Twenty called How to Make His Family Love You.

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