I Can't Stop Listening To: "Spaceman" –Dave Matthews Band

This song has a great summertime feel to it. I’ve been listening to it (literally) on repeat over the past few days since it’s been really hot and muggy out.

(via seattlemet.com)

I really, REALLY want to see Dave + co. in concert soon, which may be why this song makes me think of summer. Click the link below and let me know what you think of the song. I love it!

Spaceman by Dave Matthews Band

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  1. Great song! I was at SPAC when they played this song for one of the first times live (they played a couple songs for the FIRST time live that day but I forget which ones they were…)

    For the record, though, Seven is definitely the best song on that album.

    • That’s awesome! I LOVE seeing them perform live. Seven is absolutely a great song. And it’s now stuck in my head…so…thanks for that=)

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